Karim Benzema vs Mohamed Salah: Who's better?

Jack Gallagher
Benzema is fantastic - David Ramos / Staff
Benzema is fantastic - David Ramos / Staff /

Karim Benzema and Mohamed Salah.

Two of the world's best footballers. Both with more than 30 goals this season to their name, both have big-game pedigree, and both also have Champions League medals in their respective r5ttrophy cabinets.

But who is better?

Well, that's what we at 90min are here to work out as part of our Rivals series.

1. Finishing

Karim Benzema
Benzema has scored a ridiculous amount of goals this season / Denis Doyle/GettyImages

Right, before we pick one let's preface this section with the following:

Benzema and Salah have both scored more than 30 goals in all competitions this season - they're both exceptional in front of goal.

But, you know, Benzema is slightly better.

And he is because:

A) He's scored 13 more goals than Salah during the 2021/22 campaign.
B) He scores more of a variety of goals. The deft finish vs PSG, the cannoned headers vs Chelsea, the volley vs Atletico Madrid. Benzema can score any type of goal.

Winner: Benzema

2. Skills & dribbling

Yeah this is Mohamed Salah's category, isn't it?

He is one of the very best dribblers in world football, having regularly put his quick feet to good use for Liverpool down the years.

If you don't think Salah deserves to win this category then just watch the goal above and then say 'oh yeah, this is definitely Salah's category'.

Winner: Salah

3. 2021/22 form

Karim Benzema
Benzema has scored huge goals this season / BSR Agency/GettyImages

Stats time.

Benzema 2021/22
Goals: 44
Assists: 14
Goal contributions: 64

Salah 2021/22
Goals: 31
Assists: 15
Goal contributions: 46

While Salah started the season in electric form and tailed off slightly, Benzema has consistently found the net all season. His 15 goals in the Champions League alone prove that he's not just scoring, but scoring when it matters the most too.

Winner: Benzema

4. Pace

Salah is brilliant - Matthew Burt edit
Salah is brilliant - Matthew Burt edit / Chris Brunskill/Fantasista /Contributor

Mohamed Salah, as a wide forward, should really win this category.

While Benzema does run him close (pun very much intended), Salah does seem to have an extra yard of pace when running in behind opposition defences.

Winner: Salah

5. Steve McManaman's take

"If I was picking right now, at this very moment in time, it might be Benzema.

"But they do play different positions. Mo [Salah] is a right winger to a certain extent while Karim is an out and out centre forward.

"I think for the first six months I'd have picked Mo, if you had've asked me in January, but I think now I'd probably pick Karim because I think he's had a more sustained season. Sadio has been great the second part of the season, Mo was great in the first part of the season. But as a season goes, I don't think you can argue with 44 [goals] in 45 [appearances]."

6. Poll results

Karim Benzema Reaction GIF by DAZN - Find & Share on GIPHY

90min readers in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and England all agreed with McManaman's take, as 60% of you voted for Benzema in our polls.

Winner: Benzema.

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