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Jurgen Klopp admits Liverpool cannot solve problems in transfer market

Tom Gott
May 13, 2021, 9:15 AM GMT+1
Jurgen Klopp does not expect a busy summer for Liverpool
Jurgen Klopp does not expect a busy summer for Liverpool / Alex Pantling/Getty Images

Jurgen Klopp has warned Liverpool fans not to expect the transfer market to fix all the team's problems this summer.

The Reds are facing an uphill battle to qualify for the Champions League this season in a campaign which has been riddled with injuries and poor performances. Some of the biggest issues have come at centre-back, where Virgil van Dijk, Joe Gomez and Joel Matip have all been unavailable for large chunks of the season, but a lack of goals at the other end of the pitch has not helped either.

With Liverpool clearly losing ground in the title picture, some fans have called for an immense spending spree to get the club firing again (did someone say Project Mbappe?) but Klopp was adamant that a load of new signings isn't the answer.

"The situation doesn't really change, the world of football, the world itself, is in a very difficult place," he told Sky Sports. "With the structure we have here we do not just solve our problems in the transfer market.

"We do not say 'let's swap five or ten players', it is not that it is just not needed but we could not do it (either).

"If we did not have the injury problems we did this year the season could have looked different, could we have been champions? I don't know, but it would have looked different. Qualifying for the Champions League is incredibly difficult but we would have had a better chance than we do now, without the problems we had.

"Next year we do not look for excuses but winning the league in a league where teams have the financial resources and the football knowledge like Manchester City and Chelsea is just tricky. United will try to strengthen as well. Qualifying for the Champions League is already a big job in this country."

Klopp also admitted his is confident that he will not face any transfer requests from any of his stars, including the PSG-linked Mohamed Salah, but added that nobody will be forced to stay at Anfield if they want out.

"I don't expect difficult conversations," he admitted. "At the moment no player has come to me and said anything about that. We will finish the season in the best possible way and have a break.

Mohamed Salah
Salah has been linked with PSG / Alex Pantling/Getty Images

"Some of us have Euros and Copa America this summer. We pray they will come back healthy and then have a proper pre-season. We'll then see who will be with us or not.

"No one will be forced to stay. My understanding is that the boys want to stay. We want to prove we are better than this year."

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