José Mourinho Pleased With 'Beautiful' Fight Between Hugo Lloris & Son Heung-min

Jose Mourinho praised his players after the half-time bust-up
Jose Mourinho praised his players after the half-time bust-up / Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur's 1-0 win over Everton was hardly the most thrilling football match you'll ever see, but the half-time clash between Hugo Lloris and Son Heung-min definitely left fans with something to remember.

As Spurs trotted towards the tunnel, Lloris came sprinting towards Son to voice his displeasure over something, and after the South Korean said something back, Lloris responded by shoving Son, prompting several players to come in and physically restrain the Frenchman.

Naturally Twitter had plenty to say about the incident.

While it looked like a pretty bad indictment of Spurs' harmony, manager José Mourinho actually admitted that he was delighted with the incident as it showed his team understood the severity of Spurs' current struggles and desire to improve.

“It was beautiful. It has probably come as a consequence of our meeting [after the Sheffield United game]. If you want to blame somebody for that, it’s me," he said, via the Evening Standard). “I was critical of my boys because they are not critical enough of themselves, with each other.

"I asked them to be more demanding, I asked them to demand more from others, I asked them to put first the colleagues and the pressure of that team spirit that you have to give everything for everybody.

Mourinho felt the whole thing was 'beautiful'
Mourinho felt the whole thing was 'beautiful' / Pool/Getty Images

“It was a situation at the end of the first half where an amazing kid that everybody loves like Sonny, a team boy... in that situation the captain [Lloris] thought in the last minute of the first half ‘you need to do more for the team, you have to give a different effort than you gave’.

“I think it is something very important for the team to grow up because for a team to grow up, you need to demand from each other and be strong personalities, and I was really pleased. At half-time I told them ‘when you have this reaction I have no doubts in the second half you are going to stick together’.”

The whole thing appeared to stem from Son declining to track a forward run from Yerry Mina which resulted in a good chance for Richarlison. Lloris was clearly furious at the time, but he said after the game (via BBC Sport) that the incident was nothing out of the ordinary.

The pair made up once the game was over
The pair made up once the game was over / ADAM DAVY/Getty Images

He said: "It just belongs to the changing room. Outside you can say whatever you want. There is a lot of respect between all the players. What happened between me and Son is just something that is part of football sometimes, but there is no problem at all.

“You can see at the end of the game we are more than happy to be part of the team and to have the three points. To concede a chance six seconds before half time because we don’t press properly. It annoyed me but it’s part of football, no problem, we move on.”

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