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Jonas Eidevall hopes Arsenal can mirror Barcelona's winning culture

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Arsenal comfortably beat Aston Villa on Sunday in the WSL
Arsenal comfortably beat Aston Villa on Sunday in the WSL / Paul Harding/GettyImages

Jonas Eidevall has revealed he is aiming to mirror Barcelona's winning culture at Arsenal following his side's comprehensive 7-0 victory over Aston Villa.

The Gunners comfortably led 4-0 after an hour but showed no signs of letting up, relentlessly hammering the Villa backline until the final whistle and scoring twice in the final 10 minutes.

Barcelona have been the leading light in European football over the past two seasons and have netted 146 goals in their 27 Primera Division matches this term.

Eidevall believes this willingness to keep going at their maximum even when a result has already been secured is a pivotal factor in Barcelona's success, and was pleased to see his Arsenal side doing the same.

"If we look at it from the perspective of just getting the best possible conditions in getting the highest possible league position, of course goal difference is important," Eidevall said.

"But I also think from a long-term perspective from a mindset, it's about saying: 'how much do we do with each game?' And I think Barcelona have been incredible in that, in driving their performances even though they've had already big results.

"I think that has played a massive part in the way they've developed as a team, so I'm very pleased that we've started to create that culture here as well; we use the 90 minutes every time in order to develop ourselves by pushing each other. I think that's really important."