John Terry's 'fan-led' group holds talks with Chelsea bidders over buying 10% stake

Matt O'Connor-Simpson
Terry is the highest profile member of the group
Terry is the highest profile member of the group / Alan Crowhurst/GettyImages

A 'fan-led' group founded by John Terry has held 'positive' talks with two Chelsea bidders over buying a 10% stake in the club.

The True Blue Consortium, which is headed up by Terry but includes women's football star Claire Rafferty and several high-profile supporters too, were first said to be interested in purchasing a stake in Chelsea a fortnight ago.

It was also reported that the group are interested in selling fan tokens in exchange for voting rights.

According to Sky Sports, Terry and co have made contact with three of the shortlisted buyers, two of whom have been receptive to the idea, and raised £100m in revenue.

Sandford Loudon, a partner at Oakvale Capital and True Blues Consortium representative, explained more about the group's aims on Wednesday.

"Thousands of supporters and dedicated fans have contributed over £100m to True Blues," Loudon said.

"We're having positive discussions with the two leading bidders and the bank in charge of the transaction, and our primary goal is to ensure that Chelsea fans have a voice during these unprecedented times.

"We are defending our valuable club's history and principles and hope that by allowing fans to own a piece of Chelsea FC, this ground-breaking new model will change how football teams are run."

The takeover of Chelsea is reaching a critical stage with fans mobilising on social media in opposition to the Ricketts family's proposal, who Raine – the group in charge of the sale – are said to be favouring at the moment.

Supporter group We Are the Shed have even called for a protest at Chelsea's upcoming game against Brentford. Fan opposition to the family largely stems from historical racist comments made by 80-year-old Joe Ricketts in a series of leaked emails.

Other contenders for completing a takeover include consortiums led by Todd Boehly and Sir Martin Broughton. Boston Celtics owner Stephen Pagliuca is in the running too.