Joan Laporta reveals Barcelona are targeting '4 or 5' summer transfers

Joan Laporta is keen to make Barcelona more competitive
Joan Laporta is keen to make Barcelona more competitive / Quality Sport Images/GettyImages

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has revealed that the club are looking to bring in four or five players this summer, but insisted that they will not make any signings that would 'put the institution at risk'.

The Blaugrana have seemingly been linked with every single footballer in the world over the course of the past few weeks, with most media outlets clearly forgetting that the club announced that it was 'technically bankrupt' in October having amassed debts of over £1.2bn.

Erling Haaland, Robert Lewandowski and Kylian Mbappe are the biggest name players who have been linked recently, but in an interview with Mundo Derportivo, Laporta hinted that financial restrictions may mean moves for these players are not possible.

"We are working so that the salary limit that we have, which according to La Liga is negative in a significant amount, to reverse it in order to incorporate players that reinforce the team," he said. "We are doing it in parallel, working on the financial issue and obtaining more resources to have the salary margin we need.

"At the same time we are working from the sports management to incorporate four or five reinforcements that we think the team needs to be increasingly competitive.

"We will not carry out any operation that puts the institution at risk. It has been a maxim that we have followed since we became president again."

Laporta continued: "We are going to continue with this philosophy and this criterion, not to put the institution at risk with operations that, not even if we were already healthy, we would. So, you can talk about players, about big-money operations in which Barça is not going to lose its head.

Laporta also hinted that, if a marquee player wants to come to Barcelona, he will need to make some financial sacrifices in order to make any move feasible.

"Most of the players want to come to Barça, they like the club, the team, our philosophy, our way of working, of understanding football," he said. "And this is good, we are verifying it in many cases and daily.

"They will have to adapt to Barça's salary levels and to an economic structure of the operation that maintains the sustainability and balance of the club."