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Jack Grealish's World Cup celebration explained

Michael Graham
Why did Jack Grealish celebrate with a dance against Iran?
Why did Jack Grealish celebrate with a dance against Iran? / Matthias Hangst/GettyImages

Jack Grealish scored his first World Cup goal as England thrashed Iran in Qatar, but it was his celebration that really caught the eye.

The Manchester City man scored the sixth in the Three Lions’ 6-2 win, tapping into an empty net after fine work by Callum Wilson.

After scoring, Grealish performed a celebration that had people asking what lay behind it.

Grealish did the celebration in honour of an 11-year-old Man City fan called Finlay, who has cerebral palsy – the same condition that Grealish’s sister Holly also has.

The pair exchanged letters with Finlay originally telling the winger: "I wish there were more people in the world just like you who treat people with disabilities the same as anyone else. It makes me really happy when I see that you, a famous footballer, knows what it’s like to live with people with cerebral palsy.

"You’re my hero and the best big brother to your sister."

Grealish recently met Finlay at the Man City training ground, and the youngster asked him if he could do a specific celebration for him the next time he scored.

Grealish replied: "The worm? I can't do the worm! First of all I've got to try and score! I've only scored once this season. So I'll try and score and if I do then I'll do it for you. But I can't do the worm, I might get injured!"

Finlay then requested another, and Grealish was good to his word and did it following his next goal, which came at the World Cup for England.

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