Jack Grealish admits he needs to be more 'selfish'

Tom Gott
Grealish is not concerned by the statistics
Grealish is not concerned by the statistics / Quality Sport Images/GettyImages

Jack Grealish has admitted that he should be more selfish in front of goal in order to boost his scoring numbers.

The Manchester City winger has never been known for his goals and has just four to his name in all competitions this season - numbers which have, understandably, attracted a lot of unwanted attention.

While many have demanded more from the £100m man, Grealish told BBC Sport that he is working on adding goals to his game but is satisfied doing the sort of work which doesn't always get noticed.

"Obviously as an attacking player, you do want goals and assists. I know for one thing I should definitely have more assists," he said.

"Goals - I think I need to get myself in goal scoring positions a little bit more but I know it's not all about goals and assists. There are big games we've won and I feel like I've contributed.

"[Criticism frustrates me] a little bit but I can see why people say it. But it's been so much different. I sat down with the manager and the analyst guys from City, they've showed me stats that you want to see as an attacking player that aren't goals and assists - expected assists, passes in the final third, successful passes in the final third and stuff like this, where I've been quite successful in.

"I just need a few to fall my way and then they'll come."

He continued: "I shoot way less than anyone [at City]. I'm not even sure why, the guys say it here. Like say if I score in training, the lads are like, 'why don't you shoot more?'

"I probably should become more selfish. But like I said I don't really count myself as a selfish player. If someone's in a better position I'm going to pass it to them. I actually love the feeling of having an assist - players coming over and thanking you for their goal. It's just nice.

"Scoring is the best feeling in football, but I just love assisting."

Grealish went on to admit that he is no longer bothered by his expensive price tag, but confessed that he was nervous to live up to the hype in front of his new team-mates in his first training session.

He continued: "There was no one there, there weren't like fans or anything, it was just the other players. Like going out to training, if I made a bad pass, they'd be thinking '£100m? He cant even control the ball!'

"I think even now, sometimes with the price tag and all, this doesn't actually affect me at all I swear, it's more or less trying to impress the manager because he's such a big figure and trying to impress all these players I'm playing with, and wanting them to think I'm a good player.

"This is the business end now and hopefully I can help the team and chip in with goals and assists, because that's what I've come here for."