Iker Guarrotxena believes he will have a wonderful season with FC Goa

Guarrotxena is confident of FC Goa
Guarrotxena is confident of FC Goa / Graham Denholm/GettyImages

Indian Super League club FC Goa's new striker Iker Guarrotxena is raring to go for the new season and is confident that he is going to have a wonderful 2022-23 season with the club.

The Gaurs finished ninth in the Indian Super League standings last season and they went into the summer needing wholesale changes, including the arrival of Iker.

"We have a beautiful squad. We’ll all be working together to win trophies, and I’m sure that this is going to be a wonderful season," he said during an online interaction with journalists on Friday.

"I had spoken to a few players who have played for FC Goa and in the ISL previously. They all spoke about how the league was growing in stature. Everything that I heard about the Club was positive. I’ve noticed how they’ve performed consistently well over the years.

“Between all the offers I had, FC Goa gave me the best chance to win titles and that’s my biggest ambition. Hence, here I am now.”

Iker then revealed how coach Carlos Pena convinced him to join the club.

“Speaking to Carlos Pena was an important part of my decision-making. Usually, it’s senior club officials who interact with a player - but when the coach involves himself directly, it becomes different and easier,” he said.

"Pena spoke to me about the Club, life in Goa, the team’s playing style, his own coaching philosophy and more. He made it clear that we will be working hard on the ball, which is what I like as well. I have to say a big thank you to him for his trust in me."

Revealing what he can deliver at FC Goa for the fans, Iker stated, "First and foremost, I’ll be a team player. I’m part of a good team. As a team we should achieve big things together, individual objectives come later.

“I’m primarily here to help the team - but if you want me to talk about my abilities, that would be playing with the ball, creating goalscoring opportunities and finishing. I feel I can be dangerous in our opponents’ final third.

"And now, I’m working hard in training keeping the club’s objectives in mind. I have to be the best version of myself for FC Goa once I’m there - it’s a non-negotiable."

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