How to buy tickets for Euro 2024

  • Euro 2024 will be held in Germany between June and July 2024
  • Fans will have three opportunities to buy tickets via UEFA's website
  • UEFA's resale platform will open in spring 2024

Euro 2024 will take place in Germany next summer
Euro 2024 will take place in Germany next summer / Thomas Lohnes/GettyImages

A single-nation European host has become a rare commodity at major football tournaments, but Germany alone will take centre stage once Euro 2024 rolls around.

Following the complicated chaos of Euro 2020 (exacerbated by the lingering COVID-19 pandemic) which saw 11 countries serve as hosts to celebrate the competition's 60th anniversary, a more traditional and simple schedule will be employed next summer.

Supporters from across the continent and beyond will convene in Germany for what should be a majestic festival of football. UEFA have pledged to put "fans first" for Euro 2024, starting with the ticket-buying process.

Here's everything you need to know about purchasing tickets for the tournament.

Where can you buy Euro 2024 tickets?

Above-board Euro 2024 tickets are exclusively available via UEFA's official ticketing portal, which enters applicants into a lottery for seats. There are multiple windows of opportunity for purchasing tickets, with the second phase arriving after the group stage draw on 2 December 2023.

Before applying for tickets via the portal, you must create a ticket portal account with UEFA. You can begin that quick and easy process here.

Will Euro 2024 tickets be available on resale?

If supporters don't get lucky with the lottery, there will be an opportunity to purchase Euro 2024 tickets via UEFA's official resale platform.

These tickets will be available at face value from next spring.

When do Euro 2024 tickets go on sale?

As noted above, there are several phases for buying Euro 2024 tickets, the first of which has already passed.

Ticket applications opened on 3 October 2023 with the first phase lasting until 26 October. UEFA states that fans from across the globe have an equal opportunity to claim seats via the portal, with 1.2 million tickets going on sale during the first phase.

Countless fans complained of failing to acquire a single seat in the initial ballot, with many crying foul play and accusing ticketing bots of hoovering up all the options. Yet, plenty of people were always going to miss out when a reported 20 million requests were made in the first phase of ticket sales.

Another one million tickets will be made available to supporters of participating teams after the group stage draw on 2 December, giving fans the opportunity to apply for specific matches between known opponents.

The remaining tickets will be held back for the conclusion of the Euro 2024 qualifying play-offs which will decide the last three participating nations next March. This will be the final opportunity for fans to claim tickets via the ticketing portal.

How many Euro 2024 tickets can you apply for?

Applicants can apply for a maximum of four tickets per match and only tickets for one match per day per applicant will be attributed.

The month-long festival of football includes 22 days of games, giving applicants a maximum of 88 tickets to bid on.

How much are Euro 2024 tickets?

Euro 2024 ticket prices depend on the stage of the competition, as well as the category of ticket. Here's a breakdown of the pricing structure.

Group stage

Opening match

Round of 16




Fans First

€30 / £26

€50 / £43

€50 / £43

€60 / £52

€80 / £69

€95 / £82

Category 3

€60 / £52

€195 / £169

€85 / £73

€100 / £86

€195 / £169

€300 / £259

Category 2

€150 / £130

€400 / £346

€175 / £151

€200 / £173

€400 / £346

€600 / £519

Category 1

€200 / £173

€600 / £519

€250 / £216

€300 / £259

€600 / £519

€1,000 / £865