How England took the knee at the World Cup despite FIFA obstacles

Finley Crebolder
England players took the knee in every match
England players took the knee in every match / Julian Finney/GettyImages

It has been explained how England players improvised to take the knee in every World Cup match with FIFA refusing to change pre-match procedures to accommodate the gesture.

The decision was taken by the England players before the tournament to take the knee in every match in an anti-racism gesture.

The vast majority of them have previously done so for their clubs in the Premier League, with referees blowing once for players to take the knee and again for the match to start.

However, FIFA refused to make a change that would allow officials to do that for England's World Cup matches in Qatar, forcing the team to improvise.

As per the Daily Mail, the players decided to use the 10-second countdown to kick-off given by stadium announcers as their prompt instead.

Once the countdown started, captain Harry Kane would kneel with the rest of the team immediately following his lead and all of them standing back up as the countdown ended.

They were the only team at the tournament to take the knee in every match, with Wales also doing so in the match between the two as a show of solidarity.

Both nations, as well as multiple other European sides, had wanted to wear a OneLove armband in Qatar too but were forbidden by FIFA from doing so, threatened with sporting sanctions.

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