Heerenveen full back Rami Kaib breaks jaw while eating a carrot

Kaib is out for some time with a broken jaw
Kaib is out for some time with a broken jaw / ANP Sport/Getty Images

We've had some bizarre injuries in the world of football in the past, but Rami Kaib just might take the biscuit.

If he could chew it, that is.

The Heerenveen defender is not a household name in our sport, but his painful injury has left us all holding our jaws in fear and shared pain.

Rami Kaib
Kaib will miss several weeks with his weird injury / Soccrates Images/Getty Images

Voetbalzone reports that Kaib is now set to miss several weeks of matches for the Dutch club, after breaking his jaw - while eating a carrot.

Okay, so the carrot wasn't the direct cause of the injury, but it certainly played its part with its crunchy interior. The defender suffered the initial injury to his face during a game in August, but continued working and living as normal without receiving any serious treatment for the knock.

But the issue didn't end there. Kaib was later munching on a particularly hard and crunchy carrot, and the tough chewing motion unbelievably caused him to suffer a broken jaw. The defender will sit out the next few games for Heerenveen, as he faces a long and liquid-diet based recovery.

“Kaib got a big knock on his jaw during a game a while ago. He just continued training, and of course eating. Well, he ate a carrot and that carrot was quite hard. And then, crack: broken jaw. a carrot,” Dutch journalist Roelof de Vries explained.

This crazy incident will sit high on the list of weird injuries, which has seen the likes of Liam Lawrence tripping over his dog, Marco Asensio missing matches for an infected pimple, and Dave Beasant dropping a bottle of salad cream on his foot.

Don't listen to what your parents and doctors tell you, kids. Vegetables are not healthy and they are dangerous! Just ask our new best friend Rami Kaib and his broken jaw.