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Hanna Bennison - Euro 2022 - Make Your Mark

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Hanna Bennison - Make Your Mark
Hanna Bennison - Make Your Mark /

90min's Make Your Mark series gets to the heart of what made footballers the players they are today.

Be it a family member, a coach, a team or a personality trait, someone or something down the line has been particularly key in a player's journey into professional football.

Ahead of Euro 2022, Sweden and Everton's teenage midfielder Hanna Bennison sat down with 90min to discuss who or what has made the most influential mark on her career.


"The first one is love. I just love what I'm doing everyday; that's what made me start from the beginning. I just enjoy being on the pitch and having the ball at my feet. I love everything about the game."


"The next one I wrote down is family and it's because they've always supported me. Especially my dad; when he comes to football, he loves watching me play. My family just mean everything to me."

GIF Nike

"The next one I wrote down is GIF Nike, and it's the first club that I played for. I played for GIF Nike since I was five, and moved to Rosengard when I was 11. I have a lot of good memories from when I played in GIF Nike.

"We went to a lot of tournaments and we won some of them and we had a really nice team I have some really good memories from there."


"The next one I wrote down is determination. It's because I think you really need to work hard to become what you want. I want to be the best version of myself so I do my best all the time at training and in games, and I also do a lot of extra training because I want to be even better."


"The last one I wrote down is teammates. They meant a lot to me ever since I started playing football. I have a lot of friends from the journey and some of my best friends are from football.

"I just think it's nice to do what you do and do it together with people you really like. I love my teammates.

"Without those five people or five words, I wouldn't be where I am today. I wouldn't have moved to Everton, or I don't even think I would have moved to Rosengard, so I think that's a big part of my journey and where I am today."