Handball Chaos, Red Cards and More: The Crazy End to Tottenham 1-1 Newcastle

Eric Dier
Handball? | Newcastle United/Getty Images

Without knowing the scoreline, a brief glimpse at the match stats from Tottenham's game against Newcastle on Sunday would lead you to one conclusion and one conclusion only: a routine win for Spurs.

The home side had 23 shots, 12 of which were on target and also had 37 touches in the opposition box. This represetned their best attacking performance, statistically speaking, since José Mourinho took over. Newcastle meanwhile, had just one shot on target out of their six attempts on goal.

However, football is not played on spreadsheets, with these two seemingly unmatched sides eventually drawing 1-1. That does not tell the whole story though, with the climax to proceedings once again bringing into question football's new handball law.

Callum Wilson
So close Hugo... yet so far | Pool/Getty Images

With literally seconds left to play, Jonjo Shelvey floated up a cross into Andy Carroll, who met it with a typically committed aerial challenge. Contesting was Eric Dier who had his back to the ball when it struck him on the upper arm.

Obviously, there was literally nothing Dier could have done to prevent this, but by the letter of the law it was (unfortunately) a penalty - although a VAR check was required to make doubly sure.

Callum Wilson made no mistake from the spot, tying the game up with 96 minutes and 20 seconds played. His striker was the latest that any Premier League side has scored with their first shot in target since Opta began collecting data in 2006.

Unsurprisingly, the decision did not go down well with the Spurs players. Harry Kane narrowly avoided a red card for his part in the remonstrations, while goalkeeping coach Nuno Santos was not so lucky.

But what about Mourinho himself? Well, surprisingly, he took a rather zen view on proceedings...

"We lost two points but I am not going to comment it," Mourinho told Sky Sports after the game.

Jose Mourinho
Turns out there was still time left for things to go wrong Jose | Pool/Getty Images

"If I want to give money away, I'll give it to charities not the FA, so I will say nothing."

Smart man.