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Guzman Corujo on Ramirez leadership & how Charlotte FC overcame early season setbacks

Chris Smith
Corujo has been ever-present for Charlotte FC.
Corujo has been ever-present for Charlotte FC. / Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/GettyImages

Charlotte FC defender Guzman Corujo has hailed the leadership of head coach Miguel Angel Ramirez and explained how his teammates dealt with the disappointment of losing their opening three MLS matches.

Major League Soccer's newest club have endured their fair share of bad luck already with a number of key signings falling through beyond their control and some freak goals leading to defeats.

But despite taking zero points across their opening three matches, performances remained good and the Crown were finally rewarded with a first-ever victory on Saturday, 3-1 at home to the New England Revolution.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Corujo - who has been ever-present so far this season - praised the effect his head coach has on the team, while highlighting experience and patience as the keys to Charlotte getting over their tough initial start.

“Undoubtedly, Miguel is a great leader, and he manages that very well," Corujo said via a translator. "He always makes sure there is a foundation down for hard work and respect. After that, we make sure everything is a team effort.

"When we don’t get the results we want, the more experienced players step up and become the leaders needed to keep the team unified. There’s a saying, ‘It’s the not best thing when we win, but it’s not the worse if we lose.’ We try to make sure the outside options don’t affect any ideas we have on how to improve; then, we can go start going down the right track. When we started, we said this is the idea, and there may be a few changes here and there, but the idea on how to improve was there."

Corujo added that the first win has helped bring the squad closer together and that they'll continue to progress from this point.

"After this first victory at home, there’s trust and confidence amongst the team," he said. "Like I said before, there’s still a lot that we need to improve, but if we keep staying on the right track, we will continue to improve.” 

Though most of the league is taking a week off for the international break, Charlotte FC continue on, hosting FC Cincinnati on Saturday.