The greatest strike partnerships of all time - ranked

Few goals there
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28. Robbie Keane & Dimitar Berbatov (Tottenham)

Dimitar Berbatov, Robbie Keane
Quietly prolific / Julian Finney/Getty Images

An underappreciated duo, Keane and Berbatov were polar opposites on the field. But opposites attract.

Keane did the relentless running, providing outlets and creating space to be found in. Berbatov did the technical stuff; bringing play together, picking the pass or flicking it round a defender, or finding a goal from any angle. See Spurs battering Fulham 4-0 in the FA Cup as the example. Class.

27. Michael Owen & Emile Heskey (Liverpool)

Michael Owen, Emile Heskey
Heskey was once a top striker / GERRY PENNY/Getty Images

The ultimate little and large duo. Heskey has become one of the game's disrespected greats, which is completely unwarranted.

A traditional little and large combo, Heskey was an elite target man and Owen moved off him in sync. The two were electric and bagged 171 goals together in five years.