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'Great achievement for us' - FC Bengaluru's CEO opens up on their partnership agreement with Sevilla FC

Arjun Singh Devgan
Sevilla FC signed a partnership agreement with FC Bengaluru in 2021
Sevilla FC signed a partnership agreement with FC Bengaluru in 2021 / Fran Santiago/GettyImages

FC Bengaluru United's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Gaurav Manchanda has opened up on their partnership with LaLiga side, Sevilla FC, believing it to be a testament of the growing progress of their brand.

FC Bengaluru United entered into a partnership agreement with Sevilla in January 2021, and their five-year partnership with the Spanish side will see the two teams exchange technical and technological know-how, grassroots exchanges and collaborative content activations.

For the LaLiga side this partnership represents an opportunity for them to enter into the Indian market and gives them a chance to build a fan base in the country, while for FC Bengaluru United it gives them a chance to make progress as a club in order to achieve strides towards promotion to the I-League and Indian Super League (ISL).

"This partnership was a great achievement for us - similar partnerships have happened featuring I-League and ISL teams, and for Sevilla FC to partner with an I-League second division team is testimony to the growing prowess of FC Bengaluru United," Manchanda said in an interview with Sportskeeda.

"Both clubs will look to utilise Bengaluru's vast technological expertise to study and evaluate innovative projects in the world of football as well as collaborate on various corporate and social responsibilities programmes in India.

"We will also work together on projects that address technological innovation, development and implementation in the sports industry. We will help Sevilla expand their global outreach in a vibrant footballing market like India," he added.

Manchanda also had the opportunity to visit Spain and get a tour of their facilities and academy in order to get an understanding of how the Spaniards operate right from the grassroots level.