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Glazers still 'not interested' in selling Man Utd with further protests planned

Tom Gott
The Glazer family remain committed to Man Utd
The Glazer family remain committed to Man Utd / Michael Regan/Getty Images

The Glazer family are not interested in selling Manchester United, despite supporters continuing to call for their heads to roll in the wake of the Super League scandal.

Supporters stormed Old Trafford recently to voice their frustrations towards the Glazers, which date back all the way to 2005, forcing the postponement of the Premier League match against Liverpool as a result of their actions.

Man Utd protest
United fans broke into Old Trafford in protest / OLI SCARFF/Getty Images

According to The Times, those fans involved are already planning further protests, with the rescheduled Liverpool game expected to be a target alongside the upcoming home match against Leicester City, but The Guardian do not expect the protests to work.

Per the report, the Glazers intend to stay on at Old Trafford as they plan to grow the club's value from £3bn to £7bn in the coming years.

The American owners are not thought to have been scared off by the protests and remain committed to the club, insisting they are the right people to help the business side of the club grow over years to come.

Can you believe it? They're only thinking about money? Shock.

Avram Glazer
The Glazers have plans to increase Man Utd's value / Michael Regan/Getty Images

The Times do add, however, that the Glazers would be forced to think about any offers of around the £4bn mark.

With current shares in the club worth around £2.1bn, any potential buyer would need to offer up more than that to give the Glazers a profit, and the American owners could also encounter fees from banks and lenders which they would ask a buyer to cover, which would take the price to closer to that £4bn.

If nobody can come up with that kind of money, the Glazers will continue their mission to grow United's brand.

Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier League
United must brace themselves for further protests / Charlotte Tattersall/Getty Images

With the owners not going anywhere, United's immediate focus will be on preparing themselves for these upcoming protests. They are already facing an FA investigation over their failure to adequately prepare first time around and club officials will be adamant that will not happen again.

United were angered by suggestions that they had allowed protesters on to the pitch, instead condemning the supporters who chose to force their way through locked doors to escalate the situation.

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