Manchester United

Glazer family retain support of just 4% of Manchester United fans

Sean Walsh
The Glazers are not popular figures at Old Trafford
The Glazers are not popular figures at Old Trafford / Alex Morton/GettyImages

Only 4% of Manchester United fans back the ownership of the Glazer family, according to a new poll.

The Mail on Sunday asked over 100,000 Premier League fans for their opinions on their own club's ownership as well as rules regarding takeovers, and the results are damning for the Glazers.

The survey, which was presumably undertaken some time in 2021, revealed that even Newcastle fans approved of the ownership of Mike Ashley (10.9%) more than Man Utd supporters did of the Glazers'.

Red Devils fans claimed that the Glazers' tenure has been 'rotten from top to bottom' and that Man Utd is 'no longer a football club'. There were also criticisms for the way the American family leveraged loans to purchase a controlling stake in the club in 2005 and their role in 2021's European Super League debacle.

Supporters were also concerned about the consistently poor decisions made in terms of player and managerial recruitment, while they reasserted that the Glazers have been taking money out of the club.

Other lowly returns from the survey include Everton fans' support of Farhad Mashiri (14.2%), West Ham fans' of David Gold and David Sullivan (15.1%) and Arsenal fans' of the Kroenkes (30.3%). Matthew Benham of Brentford registered the highest approval rating (98.8%).

Elsewhere in the survey, Manchester City chief Sheikh Mansour was voted as the most 'damaging to the health' of English football with 31.7% of the 10,679 votes cast, while the Glazers ranked in third place (18.1%).

85% of Premier League fans were in favour of an independent regulator being appointed in order to stop nation states and sovereign wealth funds from owning clubs. Unsurprisingly, only fans of Newcastle (45.4%) and Man City (15.2%) were significantly opposed to this concept.