Giorgio Chiellini supports European Super League project & reveals crazy new ideas for Serie A

Matt O'Connor-Simpson
Chiellini comments are bound to cause controversy
Chiellini comments are bound to cause controversy / Alessandro Sabattini/GettyImages

Giorgio Chiellini has revealed some interesting ideas for the future of football, throwing his support behind the creation of a European Super League as well as admitting that he wants to scrap VAR.

Chiellini has never shied away from controversy during his career and he has now become the first high-profile player to support the botched project, which collapsed in April.

"I have been talking about it with the president (Andrea Agnelli) for a few years. The future of football is increasingly heading towards a Europeanization compared to the national championships," he told DAZN (via La Gazzetta dello Sport)

"A Juve level player wants to play those games, with every respect. I had been talking to the president for many years about this possibility. Athletes of our level but also fans want to see more and more European level matches.

"We have reached a point of no return. Institutions, clubs and players must meet to reform the calendar and create new competitions to give new impetus to this sport, which remains the most beautiful in the world but for me it can be improved."

Chiellini's bold new vision did not stop there either. The centre-back went on to claim there are too many weak teams in Serie A and the field should be narrowed.

Ironic really, considering his Juventus side are 14 points off the pace of table-toppers Napoli with just 12 games played this season, despite possessing a much larger budget than the majority of teams above them.

"There are some teams too many in Serie A at the moment, we should be 18," he added.

"Paradoxically, we could also go back to 16, but I think 18 is the number. just to go back to increasing competitiveness and giving more space to European level matches.

"Even if we romantics would like the abolition of the VAR, remove the offside or put back the pass to the goalkeeper, the world is moving forward and we must not preclude ourselves from changing.

"I think finding people who can discuss together to improve football is essential. At the moment there is a lack of dialogue and we are moving towards an unsustainable situation for everyone: for us and for the clubs. Even the fans perceive it."

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