Gareth Southgate pleads with England fans to 'behave' in Germany

Tom Gott
Gareth Southgate wants peace from fans
Gareth Southgate wants peace from fans / PETER KOHALMI/GettyImages

Gareth Southgate has urged England fans to not 'embarrass' the country with any disorder when they travel to Munich for the Three Lions' Nations League clash with Germany on Tuesday.

England are already serving a ban for the unruly scenes at the Euro 2020 final this summer, with their upcoming clash with Italy set to be behind closed doors, while a second stadium ban will be triggered if there are any more issues with supporters.

Last time England travelled to Germany, in 2017, the occasion was marred by Nazi salutes in the crowd and sections of supporters singing Ten German Bombers.

“Staff are working on things detracting from the main part of their job,” Southgate said in the build-up to the game. “You’re embarrassed when you hear about it, because you know it’s a representation of your country, in the same way there’s been a brilliant representation of that across the world in the last couple of days [with the Jubilee celebrations].

"We can only give the correct messages, then you’ve got to rely on people behaving.

“We know because of the landscape at the moment that the spotlight is going to be on [England] so we all want to be coming away talking about a brilliant night. We can only ask that’s what our supporters deliver.”

UK police are sending six dedicated spotters to Munich, while stewards from Wembley will also travel with the England supporters to try keep an eye on things. 880 known troublemakers were made to give up their passports before the match and a further 1,122 banning orders are in effect this week.

"There’s always going to be issues, but we want our fans to go there and be respectful to Munich and be respectful in a different country," midfielder Kalvin Phillips added.

"We'd expect the same back. When Germany came to our country, you know, it was very respectful. The fans support us well and when they behave well and when they act like real fans, which they always do, I think they’re no problem."