Fred reveals 'talks' with agent Gilberto Silva on how to win the World Cup

Jack Gallagher
Fred in action at the World Cup
Fred in action at the World Cup / Simon M Bruty/GettyImages

Brazil and Manchester United midfielder Fred has discussed his relationship with agent Gilberto Silva, revealing he discusses how to win the World Cup frequently with him.

Fred came off the bench in Brazil's impressive 2-0 win over Serbia in their opening game of the 2022 tournament as the Selecao looked every bit of the side who were one of the favourites prior to the World Cup.

The midfielder's agent is Gilberto Silva, someone who knows what it takes to win the FIFA World Cup having done so in 2002, and speaking to the press Fred revealed what he's been learning from Silva about how to win the tournament.

He said: “I remember 2002. I remember something of ’98 but just a little flash, I don’t remember a lot. But, in 2002, I remember I watched every game in Japan.

"In Brazil, the matches were at five o’clock in the morning so I remember I talked to my father to wake me up to watch every game. So that's my first memory. Yeah, [it was] the best memory because we won the World Cup, so good.

"Today, I work with Gilberto Silva. He’s my agent and one guy who won the World Cup, so I talk a lot with him to know, because if you win the World Cup, you know about this.

"So I talk a lot with him, but I remember, of course, Ronaldo scored in the final. I remember it. Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, there were a lot of players so, Roberto Carlos, Cafu. So I have a lot of heroes from that World Cup.”