Football's Most Iconic Pink Kits – Ranked

Juventus historically played in a pink kit
Juventus historically played in a pink kit / AFP/Getty Images

Football kit culture is enjoying somewhat of a resurgence as of late.

Suddenly it's fashionable to dress up your snazziest retro team wear with the waviest pair of trousers you can find, and rock it like it's 1994.

While some clubs are now trying to cater to that fashion element of football shirt culture once again, the infamous concept of a pink kit will forever be polarising. Seeing your team take to the field in a pink strip can only be compared to seeing Rey Mysterio wrestle without a mask; you love them regardless, but boy does it take some getting used to.

Real Madrid are the latest team to adopt the brave colour scheme for the upcoming 2020/21 season. While their home kit boasts subtle bursts of pink, their away kit harks back to their 2014/15 effort and is pink all over. Shorts and socks too.

While there's been some questionable efforts, there have equally been some classy ones, too. Here's the greatest pink kits in football ranked from worst to best...

10. Loja CD Goalkeeper - 2017/18

It's an admirable effort and embodies the phrase 'go big or go home', but whoever decided that Loja CD should base their kits around giant shrimps needs a lie down.

A giant one, at that.

9. Everton Away - 2010/11

Were they ahead of the curve? Perhaps. Does that make this kit any less horrifying? No chance.

From the random navy block to the highlighter tone of pink, everything about this effort for Everton was so wrong from Le Coq Sportif.

8. Scotland Away -2016/17

Scotland, famed for it's incredible highlands, passionate people and, the colour pink?

Not quite. The justification for making Scotland play in a pink kit must have made for extraordinary reading, because they'd genuinely have looked better wearing kilts. Big miss.

7. Manchester United Away - 2017/18

The decision to put Manchester United in a pink kit was a bold one, to say the least.

It's not actually that bad at all, but with United's colours historically being red and white, it could've been mistaken for something that got put in the wrong washing pile.

Right idea, adidas, but wrong club.

6. Juventus Away - 2011/12

Giorgio Chiellini in Juventus' pink away kit, 2011/12
Giorgio Chiellini in Juventus' pink away kit, 2011/12 / AFP/Getty Images

This one was a polarising effort, but was never destined to land well at a club so grounded in tradition.

Juve's use of hot pink actually worked, but the out of place sponsor doesn't. Oh yeah, and that massive star that covers the entire shirt.

Some will love it, others will despise it.

5. Real Madrid Away - 2014/15

The positive here is that adidas have actively improved on a design front, considering Real's newest pink effort is much more pleasing. The bad news is that this one isn't so great.

Pink kit? Fine. Button-up collar? Okay. Both together? Absolutely not.

4. Real Madrid Away - 2020/21

Real's latest away kit offering is much more refined. The simple v-neck gives off perfect retro vibes, while the navy blue is a classy secondary colour and works with the side stripes.

The pink used on this effort is much easier on the eye, too. Great job.

3. Leicester City Away - 2019/20

Combining one of the most classic, iconic kit silhouettes ever to be made with the colour pink? It's an incredibly brave move from adidas, but one that they pulled off.

Leicester's take on the pink kit is a beauty - to non-traditionalists, at least.

2. Palermo Home - 2012/13

Palermo's pink home kit is a rarity in the football world
Palermo's pink home kit is a rarity in the football world / Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

The only pink home kit to feature, and it's a classic.

adidas need to take note on how to combine pink with a button-up collar, because PUMA got it bang on. Palermo's effort from the 2012/13 season is flawless.

1. Juventus Away - 2015/16

Topping the rest to be crowned champion of the pink kits - yes, that's a real accolade to win - is Juventus' iconic away strip.

Instantly better than their previous pink rendition, their 2015/16 strip had the perfect balance. The pink, black, white and red worked incredibly well together, and the Jeep sponsoring was seamless because of the colours used.

This is the real way to nod towards your club history.