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Football Manager 2022: Winter Update released

Football Manager 2022's Winter Update is out
Football Manager 2022's Winter Update is out /

The moment every Football Manager 2022 player has been waiting for is finally upon us; the Winter Update has gone LIVE.

The game has been keeping millions of us amused for the past few months, but now is the opportunity to hit the refresh button, set up a new save and start a brand new road to glory with updated squads, completed transfers and the season's breakout stars improved.

Here's your quick-fire guide to what has changed.

What has changed with the Winter Update?

The main fun of the update is the winter transfers. Yes, Newcastle United are now fully equipped with the likes of Kieran Trippier and Bruno Guimaraes, meaning that particular job may be a little easier than it was pre-update.

However, the changes are far more extensive than that.

Unknown quantities at the beginning of the season - Hugo Ekitike, we're looking at you - have been upgraded to reflect how good they've been during 2021/22, and potential abilities have also been tweaked for those who may have a higher ceiling than before.

You can also play Joelinton (back to Newcastle) in central midfield, what more could you ask for?!

Team budgets have also be altered, too, so any clubs that have received increased financial backing will see that added into FM22.

How to apply the Winter Update

The game will automatically update to the new version, but you don't see any changes to your database unless you start a new game.

So round off a save, win those trophies you were going after and settle into a brand new save that reflects the current footballing landscape.