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Football Manager 2022: Winter Update release date, what to expect

Tom Gott
The FM22 Winter Update is nearly here
The FM22 Winter Update is nearly here / Sports Interactive

With the January transfer window now closed across Europe's top leagues, Football Manager 2022 players are now eagerly awaiting the game's annual Winter Update.

A complete overhaul of the database, the Winter Update allows players to start a new save with the world exactly like it is right now, rather than how it was at the start of the campaign.

Here's all we know about the update so far.

What is included in the Winter Update?

The main fun of the update is the winter transfers. All the deals made during the January transfer window will be added into FM22, meaning some squads (such as Newcastle United) are in line for a huge boost.

However, the update is much more in-depth than that. Player stats, abilities and potentials can all be rejigged if their real-life counterparts have earned those upgrades.

Team budgets can also be altered, too, so any clubs that have received a boost to their finances will see that added into FM22.

When is the Winter Update released?

As is the case every year, there is no concrete release date for the Winter Update. The message is simple: it's ready when it's ready.

Back in 2021, the update came out on February 22 and 2020's release date was February 20, but 2019's update came a little later on March 1.

It's impossible to say when the new database will be released, but gamers should keep an eye out towards the end of February.

Why hasn't the Winter Update been released yet?

While the main European transfer window closed at the end of January, Football Manager is about more than just the top leagues and needs to consider countless divisions from across the globe.

For example, the Turkish transfer window closed on February 8, the Croatian window shut on the 15th and teams in both Bulgaria and Poland can still do business until the 28th.

The window in Ukraine doesn't actually close until March 2, but FM doesn't usually make players wait that long for an update. A main 'January update' tends to come towards the end of February, and a smaller 'February update' is quietly released early in March once all the windows have closed.