Football Beyond Borders launch new 'Gamechangers' anti-racism programme

Football Beyond Borders have launched the Gamechangers programme
Football Beyond Borders have launched the Gamechangers programme /

Football Beyond Borders have teamed up with Gillette and Ian Wright to launch an all-new anti-racism educational programme, 'Gamechangers'.

Racism in football has been a growing issue over the past few seasons, including at this summer's Euro 2020, after which Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka were all targeted following their missed penalties in the final.

For Football Beyond Borders, the way to address the spiralling issue is to educate the youth of today, and with the help of Gillette and Wright, that's exactly what they hope the Gamechangers initiative will do.

The programme, which will give young people the opportunity to study British Black history, has been devised and develop by both FBB and Wright, whose input has helped create a course which will teach the importance of the positive values and behaviours that contribute to a more fair and equal society.

Over 250 young people from 16 schools across Manchester and London have been given access to the Gamechangers programme already, and there is also a condensed version which has been made available for free for teachers to use across the country.

The programme features seven segments that focus on the contributions of role models - past and present - in British society with an emphasis on those who have taken an active stance against racism and encouraged others to do the same, looking back at moments like Notting Hill Carnival and the Bristol bus boycotts of 1963.

“The Gamechangers programme with Gillette and FBB is an important project for me and I’m proud to be part of something that celebrates the contributions and successes of role models across Black British history” said Wright.

“I’ve said it before, but education is one of the key areas that can help move us to a more equal and inclusive society and if we’re to support and equip the next generation, then it's through programmes like this. We didn't learn about Black history when I was at school, and I often wonder what impact that might have had on my generation.

"This is about supporting young people to understand their value, know the history and create a safe place for difficult conversations that help move us in the right direction."

Jasper Kain, founder of Football Beyond Borders, added: “The Gamechangers programme directly feeds into our mission at FBB, which is to create a more equal and inclusive society which gives young people the opportunities to thrive in education, work and public life.

"Our team created a powerful and positive scheme of work with support from Ian Wright and Gillette that will provide the next generation with the knowledge and skills to promote equality and inclusion. This is an important moment for FBB and our contribution to school curriculums - and we’re already starting to see the impacts this programme could have on young people in our network.”