FIFA president says new video game is in development to rival EA Sports FC

  • Gianni Infantino spoke at FIFA's congress in Bangkok
  • FIFA is developing a new game with new partners
  • EA Sports FC continues to dominate the soccer video game market
FIFA president Gianni Infantino speaking at the 74th FIFA Congress.
FIFA president Gianni Infantino speaking at the 74th FIFA Congress. / MANAN VATSYAYANA/GettyImages

FIFA president Gianni Infantino dropped more details regarding a new FIFA video game at the organization's Congress in Bangkok this past Friday.

The 74th FIFA Congress was held in Bangkok on May 17 headlined by news of Brazil hosting the 2027 Women's World Cup. Though, for gamers, Infantino's comments regarding a new FIFA video game garnered headlines. FIFA and EA Sports notably ended its partnership in 2022 leading the video game company to change the franchise name to EA Sports FC. While Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer remains a competitor, EA Sports FC still reigns supreme with Ultimate Team and Pro Clubs specifically.

Infantino said that FIFA is developing new partners and a new game which he claims, "will be the best." He also stressed that considering the global popularity of the sport, the game that everyone plays around the world needs to be called FIFA and not something else (FC).


Can a new FIFA game rival EA Sports FC?

EA Sports, despite how fans and the player base feels about the developer, continues to dominate the market. Even without the FIFA tagline attached to the video game franchise, FC 24 is the predominant soccer game on the market. Ultimate Team specifically keeps players coming back every year despite controversy. Players and content creators even argued when the partnership ended that a new game wouldn't even draw players over if it didn't have a mode to rival Ultimate Team.

2K has long been talked about as the developer that needs to rival EA Sports considering features in NBA 2K. Most sports games have Ultimate Team-style modes now, but it's not just about having a game mode. It needs to have similar replay value and interest. Plus, it needs to offer something that separates itself from EA Sports FC, like a MyPLAYER equivalent.

When does the new FIFA come out?

There still isn't a confirmed release date for a new FIFA title. Infantino did not specifically mention a release date, general timeline or even a prospective devloper.

When does EA Sports FC 25 come out?

A release date for EA Sports FC 25 has not yet been announced, but it's safe to say it'll be sometime this coming September. FIFA/FC has historically released in September each year and there's no indication that'll change this year.