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The players with the best shot power in FIFA 22 - ranked

Tom Gott
Cristiano Ronaldo has immense shot power
Cristiano Ronaldo has immense shot power / Soccrates Images/GettyImages
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FIFA 22 has added a new level of realism to its gameplay this year, with player power and movement more important than ever before.

The all-new HyperMotion technology, which has improved the responsiveness and intensity of in-game players thanks to revolutionised motion capture, ensures every player's actions on the pitch mirrors their real-life equivalent better than ever, with shot power one of many attributes to benefit from that.

Let's take a look at the 20 players with the highest shot power on FIFA 22.

20. Romelu Lukaku - 89

Romelu Lukaku
Lukaku joined Chelsea in the summer / Marco Canoniero/GettyImages

Romelu Lukaku's strength is a problem for every defender, and that's the case in FIFA 22 as well.

He hits the ball with 89 shot power which, combined with his 92 finishing, makes Lukaku a real threat in front of goal.

19. Bruno Fernandes - 89

Bruno Fernandes
Fernandes loves a long shot / Visionhaus/GettyImages

It's all about the long-range screamers with Bruno Fernandes, who boasts 89 for both shot power and long shots.

He's going to score plenty of rockets in FIFA 22, and if you come up against him, you better not give Fernandes space.

18. Luis Suarez - 89

Luis Suarez
Suarez is shining for Atletico / Soccrates Images/GettyImages

Luis Suarez's shooting stats are absolutely mental: 91 positioning, 93 finishing, 88 long shots, 90 volleys and 89 shot power.

Whenever he gets in front of goal, Suarez is going to look like scoring, and it's going to take a top goalkeeper to stop him.

17. Andy Delort - 89

Andy Delort
Delort is a unique striker / VALERY HACHE/GettyImages

Nice hitman Andy Delort boasts some of the most intimidating physical stats on the game. To go with his 89 shot power, he has 87 strength, 83 stamina and 80 aggression.

He's not your average target man, however. At 5'11, Delort is actually more of a speedster with his 84 pace, so he can do a little bit of everything.

16. Bebe - 89

Tiago Manuel Dias Correia 'Bebe'
Bebe's physical stats are impressive / Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/GettyImages

If you're building a silver team, you need to find a way to get Bebe in there. The former Manchester United man brings some unreal stats for his card rating.

Now with Rayo Vallecano in the Spanish top flight, Bebe's standout attributes are his 90 strength and 89 shot power, and the 6'3 winger comes with 89 sprint speed to boot.

15. Renato Sanches - 89

Renato Sanches
Sanches is a wanted man / John Berry/GettyImages

Renato Sanches has picked himself up after a tricky few years and turned himself into an absolute machine with Lille.

The box-to-box man is blessed with some outstanding physical attributes, and his 89 shot power should help you recreate that worldie that put him on the map with Benfica all those years ago.

14. Sergio Aguero - 90

Sergio Aguero
Aguero took his talents to Barcelona / MB Media/GettyImages

It's La Liga teams that get to benefit from Sergio Aguero's goalscoring this year. His 90 shot power is incredible, but that's not even his highest shooting attribute.

With 91 positioning and 93 finishing to go along with that, Aguero is going to score a whole load of goals in FIFA 22.

13. Lukas Podolski - 90

Lukas Podolski
Podolski loves a screamer / BSR Agency/GettyImages

A 73-rated CAM these days, Lukas Podolski's card screams 'long-range worldies'.

With an in-form or another special card to boost up his pace and stamina, the legendary German could be a real weapon coming off the bench.

12. Gareth Bale - 90

Gareth Bale
Bale has scored plenty of great goals / Soccrates Images/GettyImages

Gareth Bale's penchant for an absolute screamer is no secret. The Welshman absolutely loves banging one in from range and he'll be doing that for fun in FIFA 22.

90 shot power and 87 long shots will make this card a whole lot of fun, and his 87 free-kicks only add to the fun.

11. Robert Lewandowski - 90

Robert Lewandowski
Lewandowski has insane shooting stats / BSR Agency/GettyImages

As the highest-rated striker on the game, it should come as absolutely no surprise that Robert Lewandowski's shooting stats are among the scariest we've ever seen across any FIFA game.

90 shot power is unreal, but that's relatively modest compared to his finishing and positioning, both of which are sitting up at 95. 95.

10. Granit Xhaka - 90

Granit Xhaka
Xhaka has real power in his legs / James Williamson - AMA/GettyImages

Granit Xhaka won't find himself in a lot of goalscoring positions in FIFA 22, but when he does, you can guarantee that he's going to absolutely leather the ball.

His 90 shot power fits in with his 84 long passing, so however you want to play with Xhaka, you should feel comfortable trying some adventurous things.

9. Ruslan Malinovskyi - 90

Ruslan Malinovskyi
Malinovskyi has been shining in Italy / Alessandro Sabattini/GettyImages

Maintaining his 90 shot power from last year is Ukrainian superstar Ruslan Malinovskyi, who has been tearing up in Italy for a while now.

He ships as a centre-forward, but you'd be wise to drop him back to an attacking midfielder to make the most of his 87 long shots as well.

8. Paul Pogba - 90

Paul Pogba
Pogba's power is no secret / Soccrates Images/GettyImages

Paul Pogba's strength is no secret. The Manchester United man has an absolute rocket of a right foot and knows exactly how to put that to good use.

His 90 shot power and 84 long shots make using Pogba sound like a whole lot of fun, but don't forget about his 92 long passing.

7. Kevin De Bruyne - 91

Kevin De Bruyne
De Bruyne can score from range / Jonathan Moscrop/GettyImages

We all know that Kevin De Bruyne's bread-and-butter is creating goals, but don't sleep on his ability to bag his own as well. The Man City star has a whopping 91 shot power to go with his 91 long shots.

If you get him near the edge of the box, he's going to find a way through any defence. You could opt for a deft pass or just thump it home from range. The choice is yours.

6. Harry Kane - 91

Harry Kane
Kane will be a problem for any defender / Visionhaus/GettyImages

With 91 shooting on his Ultimate Team card, it's no surprise that Harry Kane's ability to find the back of the net is terrifyingly high.

He'll work his way into the perfect spots with his 94 positioning, at which point his 94 finishing and 91 shot power will be too much for most goalkeepers to deal with.

5. Marcus Rashford - 92

Marcus Rashford
Rashford's shot power is enormous / Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/GettyImages

Marcus Rashford's shot power has been gradually climbing with each and every FIFA release, and he's hit a new high this year.

He comes with a whopping 92 in that stat, so don't be afraid to let the shots rain down from range.

4. Radja Nainggolan - 93

Radja Nainggolan
Nainggolan has some terrifying shooting stats / BSR Agency/GettyImages

Now over in the Belgian league, Radja Nainggolan has been handed a hefty boost to his shot power and he now looks like one of the biggest long-range goal threats on the game.

He had 86 last year, but the 33-year-old has jumped up all the way to 93 this time around, and he's even got 90 long shots to boot. It might not be easy to get him into your squad, but you definitely need to try.

3. Erling Haaland - 94

Erling Haaland
Haaland is a physical phenomenon / Matthias Hangst/GettyImages

Having produced countless highlights which end with the satisfying thwack of a ball slamming into the back of the net, Erling Haaland's monstrous shot power is no secret.

94 shot power, 94 sprint speed and 93 strength tell you all you need to know about just how freakish Haaland's talents really are.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo - 94

Cristiano Ronaldo
Ronaldo keeps in incredible shape / Gualter Fatia/GettyImages

Just like last year, Cristiano Ronaldo has been pipped to the top of the shot-power charts.

He does, however, boast the best shooting stats on the game, and his 94 shot power is just one part of that. There's 95 positioning, 95 finishing and 93 long shots for you to enjoy too.

1. Aleksandar Kolarov - 95

Aleksandar Kolarov
Kolarov tops the charts again / Jonathan Moscrop/GettyImages

Quietly harbouring the most ferocious rocket in the game is left-back Aleksandar Kolarov, who is sitting pretty with a ridiculous 95.

That, combined with 86 long shots and 80 penalties, should be enough to convince you to make some space in your squad for Kolarov.

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