FIFA 21: Eric Cantona, Xavi & Bastian Schweinsteiger Among New Icons Added to Ultimate Team

Xavi is a playable icon in FIFA 21
Xavi is a playable icon in FIFA 21 | EA Sports FIFA

FIFA 21 Ultimate Team will feature a host of all-new icon cards, including Eric Cantona, Xavi and Bastian Schweinsteiger.

The latest instalment of EA Sports' FIFA franchise will feature no fewer than 100 playable icons, with all the old favourites mixed with plenty of fresh faces to give fans a chance to play as some of their all-time favourite players.

Cantona, Xavi and Schweinsteiger will also be joined by such stars as Samuel Eto'o, Philipp Lahm, Ashley Cole, Nemanja Vidić, David Villa, Petr Čech and Fernando Torres, creating the finest collection of legendary talent ever seen on FIFA.

In developing the game, EA have focused on making Ultimate Team a friendlier and more enjoyable mode for the average player. On top of new ways to progress and updated reward systems, there are also several new game modes, including a co-op mode.

Players can play online with friends against other players or the AI in various different modes, such as squad battles or friendlies, with both players able to be rewarded for the time spent on the game. Certain rewards will be co-op exclusive, encouraging players to make FUT a more social sphere.

In keeping with the idea of making the game more fun, FUT 21 will feature changes to key game modes to try and ensure every player is on a level playing field, such as increasing the placement matches for Division Rivals to at least 20 to get a more accurate reading of player ability.

The famous FUT Champs Top 100 will also be extended to Top 200 to give credit to those players who perhaps just missed out on recognition last year and give players more inspiration to strive for greatness.

Fitness cards have also been removed as well to ensure players can always use the cards they want, helping create a more fun atmosphere.

Players will also be given the chance to personalise plenty of different aspects of their club, with stadiums being more important than ever in FIFA 21.

As you play on, you will unlock bigger and better stadium customisation options, including walkways, seat colour, tifos, banners and displaying trophies at the side of the pitch.

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