Faces of Football: Brazil - a letter to the national team

Image by Matthew Burt - 90min
Image by Matthew Burt - 90min /

Dear Brazilian national team, 

My name is Matheus, I'm from Paraíba and people know me as ‘Um Torcedor Pelo Mundo’ (One Supporter Around the World) on social media. 

I create content while traveling around the world and attending football matches, showing how football is celebrated in different communities. Doing this has helped me to achieve the dream of working in football.

My passion for this amazing sport began way back in 2002, when we won our fifth World Cup title. 

I was only 5 years old back then, and it's my first real football memory. I remember screaming like crazy and hugging everyone after that historic win. I didn't even really understand football at that point, but I knew what was happening was exciting. This is when my love for the sport began, and it’s carried on since that wonderful day.

I am one of the millions of people who will be willing you guys on this winter. 

Thankfully, I’ll have the pleasure of being at your games in Qatar and (hopefully) see you lift the trophy for a sixth time. We trust that you will. We know that you are the best team in the world and that the sixth star is going to be etched on our jerseys after the tournament. 

You guys inspire me and the rest of Brazil, you make us dream. And we trust you to bring us joy even in the darkest moments of our nation’s proud history. 

We are the greatest football nation in the world. We are unique. We will be champions this winter!