Euro 2024 Sweepstake: Download Your Kit For The Upcoming Tournament

  • Euro 2024 starts on June 14 with hosts Germany facing Scotland
  • Read now on how to take part in public or private sweepstake
  • Users must be based in United Kingdom
Image by Jasvinder Philpot

Euro 2024 will soon be underway, with hosts Germany taking on Scotland on Friday June 14.

It's been 40 years since a host nation reigned supreme at a European Championship - France in 1984, for all you trivia-heads - and Julian Nagelsmann's men will have to outlast the likes of England, Spain and Italy if they are to buck that trend.

90min have partnered up to allow fans (United Kingdom only 🇬🇧) the opportunity to compete against each other in a sweepstake for Euro 2024.

How to take part in the Euro 2024 sweepstake

UK customers aged 18 or over can use to securely take part in fun sweepstakes based on major sporting events throughout the year, and Euro 2024 presents such an opportunity.

After completing the registration process, you can enter two types of sweepstake - public or private.

In a public sweepstake, you can enter with either £5 or £10 and you will be pitted as an individual against a random set of players. However, you can also choose to keep matters close with the private option.

Entry fees are pooled together and the winner will take home the published prize according to the tournament's result. Each sweepstake will be limited to 24 tickets, with each ticket representing a country taking part in the tournament.

How the Euro 2024 sweepstake works

After entering the sweepstake, a draw will take place to determine yours and the other participants' teams. Once this draw starts, you will receive an invite via email to make your 'random' pick'. Click on any of the available tiles and scratch to reveal your selection - all of the tiles are randomised.

If you have the winning ticket, you win the cash prize pot. You can log in to once the results have been announced to claim your winnings.