Esmee Brugts on 2023 goals with PSV: 'I want to win every tournament'

Esmee Brugts wants to win everything with PSV Vrouwen.
Esmee Brugts wants to win everything with PSV Vrouwen. / BSR Agency/GettyImages

Esmee Brugts wants to make history with PSV Vrouwen. 

The attacking midfielder first joined the Eredivisie club in 2020, signing her first professional at just 16 years old. Though she quickly adapted to the new style of play, scoring three goals in 13 games throughout her first campaign, it was her connection with PSV off the field that made a lasting impact in her career. 

“I was 16 when I first arrived in Eindhoven. I was young, but I felt very welcomed. We had some foreign players, so it was good for my English, and to learn about how they live. I used to hang out with them a lot,”  she said exclusively to 90min.  

“I learned how to slowly become myself. Of course, it's a development every day, but I'd say this club really feels like a family, which is the best way to feel good. And when you feel good, you start playing better.” 

After almost three years with the club, Brugts has managed 11 goals and five assists in 52 games in all competitions to inspire PSV Vrouwen to lift the KNVB Cup in 2021 and a constant place in the top four of the Eredivisie. Now, she wants more for the team that took a chance on her. 

“We have something special with a cup because this is my third season, and two years ago, we won the Cup and the year before that we were finalists. So now, we are in the last eight and fighting. It is special for us to know that we can achieve a lot and of course I want to help the team win the prize. I have faith in us.”

But it’s more than just lifting a trophy. Brugts insists PSV players deserve the victory after working constantly on and off the field to propel the development of women’s football by making a name for themselves in the Eredivisie.

“We work very hard, and I think we deserve a lot. Sometimes you need a little bit of luck, but these players are so hard working, it is not like a problem for us. The team deserves a lot. It’s grown so much. I was injured but we played in Phillip stadium and there were 10,000 and more fans, which was our record. I enjoyed watching the girls playing, and it was an exciting game as well. Even on the bench, I liked it to see all the people coming to our game to see how much we’ve grown as a team and as a club,” she said. 

“Now, I want to win every tournament there is. One step at a time, of course. But yeah, I want to win the cup with PSV this year for the meaning.”

PSV Vrouwen currently await their quarterfinal match against Excelsior on March 19, while balancing fifth place on the Eredivisie table. With six regular-season games left and the ongoing KNVB Cup, Esmee Brugts and PSV will fight to achieve it all.