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Egypt hope to call-up Mohamed Salah & Mohamed Elneny despite red list row

Sean Walsh
Salah & Elneny would only be able to travel for one game with Egypt in the international break as it stands
Salah & Elneny would only be able to travel for one game with Egypt in the international break as it stands / Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Egypt manager Hossam El Badry is still hoping that the UK government will relax rules against Premier League players needing to quarantine after visiting red-list countries in the upcoming international break.

Liverpool's Mohamed Salah and Arsenal's Mohamed Elneny would currently be ruled out of playing in Egypt's home World Cup qualifier against Angola as it is on the red list, with both Premier League clubs only authorising their release for an away match with Gabon.

The UK government decided that 60 Premier League players travelling to red list countries would not be exempted from quarantine rules, despite pleas from FIFA chief Gianni Infantino.

El Badry, speaking with Sky Sports News, is hoping that the Egyptian FA can reach an agreement with the UK government.

"There is a chance that if they can't come to Egypt then they can come to Gabon to participate with us," he said.

"Of course it's unfair, it's an unfair position because this is qualification for the World Cup and it would be unfair for some teams who can't have all their players, like Egypt or other teams.

"That is what we have said to FIFA to try and get the British authorisation to try and convince them.

"My message to them [the UK government] is that football is very important, and especially in England, they know this. This qualification is very important so they can solve this and they can be sure that after participating with us they don't have to quarantine and can go back to their clubs.

"I'm sure we can find a solution and make it a win-win.

"The players accept this situation, both Mohamed Elneny and Mohamed Salah are very keen to come and participate with the team. We talked today and they told me that they hope the issue is solved.

"But unfortunately so far, we don't have any good news. I think we can release the players and make the rules and can use PCR testing but it is unfair to lose a player."