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Edinson Cavani opens up on Diego Forlan's influence on his career

Sean Walsh
Cavani and Forlan played at two World Cups together and won the 2011 Copa America
Cavani and Forlan played at two World Cups together and won the 2011 Copa America / Jamie McDonald/GettyImages

Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani has lifted the lid on the influence that former Red Devil Diego Forlan has had on his career.

Forlan, while scarcely a goal threat during his time at Old Trafford, is widely regarded as one of the finest Uruguayan forwards to have played the game, scoring 310 goals at senior level before retiring in 2018.

Cavani's time as a top-level striker briefly overlapped with that of Forlan's for their national team, culminating in Uruguay's famous Copa America triumph of 2011. They also featured at the 2010 and 2014 World Cups together.

Speaking to Man Utd's club channels, Cavani reflected on the significance of being able to play alongside someone as revered as Forlan in his career.

“Yes, I was fortunate enough to have played alongside Diego,” Cavani said. “For those of us who were starting out our development as players, seeing players like Diego who had already made a name for themselves in the football world was just fantastic!

“Because they were the kind of players who, back home, you would really follow closely, in order that one day in the future you might just be able to be like them.

“I then had the chance to play in the national team with him, so then it was a real honour for me to pick things up and learn from him, just like you always try and learn stuff from all those players who make their name in the world of football.

“So, as I say, it was a real pleasure and an honour for me to play alongside him and, in addition, we got to share some really big moments too, like playing together in big qualifying matches and then World Cup finals in South Africa.

“It was really special, and they were really great memories which will stay with me forever, as part of my life and my career.”