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Edinson Cavani apologises as Manchester United striker accepts FA charge for Instagram post

Jan 1, 2021, 10:00 AM GMT
Edinson Cavani
Cavani accepts his sanction | Pool/Getty Images

Edinson Cavani has taken to social media to apologise once more for his social media comment that caused offence last month.

In the hours following Manchester United's 3-2 win at Southampton, the Uruguayan replied to a friend's comment on his Instagram, using the word 'negrito', intended as an affectionate term in his dialect.

The racial implications of the term are obvious and he soon deleted the post after it was brought to his attention. But the FA investigated and on Thursday he was hit with a three-game ban and a fine of £100,000.

United maintain that Cavani intended to cause no offence and, having only lived in England for a few months, genuinely did not realise the term could be construed as racist. Nonetheless, they accepted the charge 'out of respect' for the fight against racism, and that message that was echoed by the 33-year-old on Thursday night.

He said on Instagram: "I do not want to say much in this uncomfortable moment. I want to share with you that I accept the disciplinary sanction knowing that I am foreign to English language customs, but I do not share the point of view.

"I apologise if I offended someone with an expression of affection towards a friend, nothing further in my intention. Those who know me know that my effort always seeks the simplest joy and friendship!

"I appreciate the countless expressions of support and affection. My heart is at peace because I know that I always expressed myself with affection according to my culture and way of life. I send you a sincere hug."

A statement from United read: "As he has stated, Edinson Cavani wasn’t aware that his words could have been misconstrued and he sincerely apologised for the post and to anyone who was offended.

"Despite his honest belief that he was simply sending an affectionate thank you in response to a congratulatory message from a close friend, he chose not to contest the charge out of respect for, and solidarity with, the FA and the fight against racism in football."