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David Moyes brands Pep Guardiola 'the Heston Blumenthal of football'

Ross Jackson
Feb 27, 2021, 10:30 AM GMT
Moyes and Guardiola meet again on Saturday afternoon
Moyes and Guardiola meet again on Saturday afternoon | CATHERINE IVILL/Getty Images

After nearly a year stuck inside, it's fair to say we're all going a bit crazy - and football managers are no different.

Over the past few months we've been treated to some of the weirdest managerial interviews ever, with Sean Dyche in particular fancying himself as something of a comedian.

David Moyes has been speaking about Pep Guardiola
David Moyes has been speaking about Pep Guardiola | Pool/Getty Images

David Moyes is the latest Premier League boss to leave fans scratching their heads in utter bemusement, with the Scot comparing Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola to celebrity chef
Heston Blumenthal.

Moyes' West Ham side travel to City on Saturday and speaking ahead of the clash, the Hammers boss chose a very unique way to describe Guardiola when asked to do so.

"I might draw a really bad analogy here - Heston Blumenthal, who mixes chocolate with eggs or something stupid and outrageous," he said as reported by Sky Sports. "Pep is nearly the Heston Blumenthal of football.

"He does things where you think 'that is never going to work, that's not going to taste right or look good. Pep does things in football terms which are remarkable. He is always looking for new ideas. He is innovative.

The pair will go head to head again on Saturday
The pair will go head to head again on Saturday | Catherine Ivill/Getty Images

"I get this feeling he is in a think-tank room, thinking about how he can make his players perform better, or where they can receive the ball in space and make it so difficult for the opposition.

"That is how I look at Pep. I look at him in such high esteem. He has worked at clubs that have given him the chance to do that. But at the top clubs, the only way you keep your job is to win and he is doing a good job.

"He has done lots of things you would never dream of. Pep has done lots of things lots of people would not have thought of doing.

"Snail porridge? That's what I'm talking about. It's ridiculous. Full-backs going into midfield...he's done things as a football coach which lots of people wouldn't have thought of doing."

When asked to compare himself to a celebrity chef, Moyes had no hesitation in replying: "Gordon Ramsay, all day long! And you know what you're getting there, don't you?"

Guardiola has spoken of his admiration for Moyes
Guardiola has spoken of his admiration for Moyes | Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

When Guardiola was asked of his opinion of Moyes and West Ham in his pre-match press conference, the Catalan coach stopped short of comparing him to a celebrity chef, though he was full of admiration for the Hammers boss and his team.

"They have fantastic players like Declan Rice," he said. "I am a big admirer of him and Michail Antonio is always a headache for his movements. David Moyes - I admire this type of person, like Roy Hodgson. They have incredibly long, long careers.

"I would love to have these careers for many years and the passion to do the job. I cannot forget my first game in the Premier League was against Sunderland and he [David Moyes] was the manager there.

"He was so kind to me, he gave me some advice about the Premier League. I have friends, supporters [who are West Ham fans]. Come on you Irons! We will see what happens."