David Beckham Drops Photo in Manchester United's 'Zebra' Kit Ahead of Release

David Beckham
Beckham has posted a photo in United's new third kit | Matthew Ashton - AMA/Getty Images

David Beckham has posted a photograph of himself posing in Manchester United's as yet unreleased third kit.

United have yet to officially announce the third kit, but images leaked online have been dividing opinion.

While the Red Devils' home and away shirts for the 2020/21 season are traditional and sleek, the club have taken a more experimental path with the third kit.

The chaotic zebra style kit - technical term 'dazzle camouflage' - has not won many admirers thus far, and so United have called in the big guns.

Because if there's one man who can change public opinion regarding fashion, it's Becks.

A photo posted on the former Manchester United man's official Instagram account shows Beckham sporting the new adidas top with an accompanying pair of adidas tracksuit bottoms.

On anyone else, this outfit would scream unemployed teenage boy during the summer holidays, but because it's Golden Balls himself he looks great, and the kit is actually starting to win people over.

Maybe it's the fact that Beckham is a Tommy Hilfiger model, maybe it's the lighting, or maybe it is genuinely a really nice shirt.

Dazzle camouflage was initially used in the first World War as a way of dazzling, not disguising, naval ships in order to disorientate the enemy and confuse them in regards to how far away a target is.

Which is obviously crucial for any Premier League side with top four aspirations.

David Beckham of Manchester Utd
Beckham has a reputation as a fashion icon | Michael Steele/Getty Images

But the Beckham photo and subsequent response suggests that - much like Arsenal's away kit, which was largely lamented online for looking like raspberry ripply ice cream but actually looks incredible in the flesh - United could actually be onto a winner with the shirt.

United's 2020/21 home strip has been inspired by the club crest, while the away is earth green with an intricate, hand drawn pattern.