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Danielle Carter opens up on playing with hero Rachel Yankey at Arsenal

Ali Rampling
Danielle Carter grew up idolising Rachel Yankey
Danielle Carter grew up idolising Rachel Yankey / Warren Little/GettyImages

Danielle Carter has described her time playing with childhood hero Rachel Yankey at Arsenal as a 'dream come true'.

The Brighton striker grew up idolising Yankey, and the England winger would later become Carter's teammate.

Carter and Yankey played together for seven years at Arsenal, winning two WSL titles and three FA Cups in the process.

"Growing up I always loved Rachel Yankey," Carter told 90min Talks... International Women's Day. "Male footballers; Thierry Henry, Jermaine Defoe - I loved the way they played. In terms of female football, it was always Rachel Yankey.

"Maybe because she looked a bit more similar to me so it was like oh wow; if you see it you can dream it and believe it. For me, being able to play with Yanks for so long was a dream come true.

"Now girls coming through may have looked up to me maybe, so we can now help them the same way that Yanks helped me. So it's that passing down throughout the generations.

"Yanks probably didn't even realise the impact she was having, just her just telling me some coaching points and how much I was actually going to listen to her.

"I'm very fortunate to have been able to have played with my idol for so long and in the end she was no longer an idol she was a teammate. So that shift I think is just amazing."

Carter is a huge fan favourite among Arsenal fans after spending over a decade with the club and netting a famous winner in the 2016 FA Cup final. The 28-year-old will be in action against her former side on Sunday evening as Brighton host the Gunners.

"I've still got so many friends there, the coaching staff, I still get along with a lot of them. So it's a nice reunion in that sense.

"We know what Arsenal possess, and we try our best to limit their quality, but they have a lot of it, they've brought in more players. We've just got to limit what they can showcase."

Danielle Carter was talking on 90min Talks... International Women's Day - 90min's new YouTube show discussing all things women's football. Hosted by Sue Smith and Ben Haines, the show also featured Chelsea's Millie Bright and Girls on Ball's Sophie Downey.