Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo makes history with finishing clinic to drag Man Utd to victory

Tom Gott
Ronaldo put on a goalscoring clinic
Ronaldo put on a goalscoring clinic / Naomi Baker/GettyImages

After a week of uncertainty and drama surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo's future, all eyes were going to be on the Portugal international in Saturday's clash with Tottenham.

Was he actually injured? Does Ralf Rangnick hate him? Is he the problem?

In just over 80 minutes, Ronaldo put all of that talk to bed on a night which will live long in the memory of United, Premier League and football fans alike.

Brought back into the starting lineup by Rangnick, Ronaldo looked like a man with something to prove from minute one. He would roam from his starting position to try and impact the game, and just over ten minutes in, he did something only he could do.

Picking the ball up from 25 yards, Ronaldo fired a stunning effort which fizzed past Hugo Lloris and into the Spurs goal. That was the 805th time Ronaldo had found the back of the net in his professional career, tied for the most goals ever with Czech legend Josef Bican in FIFA's eyes.

Harry Kane equalised from the spot before half-time, but just moments later, Ronaldo reclaimed the headlines with a perfect poacher's finish.


The record is his.

Cristiano Ronaldo is now, in the eyes of the governing body that run the sport, the greatest goalscorer we have ever seen.

That wasn't even enough for Ronaldo, who finished the night on 807 courtesy of a thunderous header which nearly knocked Matt Doherty back to Wolves. The 37-year-old rolled back the years as he leapt into the heavens and put every iota of power he had left in him to send the ball crashing into the back of the net.

It was fitting that Ronaldo's historic moment came in such a stunning performance. There could be no accusations of ghosting and going full Penaldo when it didn't even matter. This was Ronaldo, at his emphatic best, proving to be just too good for anybody else around him.

He may not have the consistency that he once was blessed with, but the idea that Ronaldo brings nothing to this United team is fanciful. He does things nobody else in red can do. He does things nobody on this planet can do.

Ronaldo was always going to go down in history, but now, he's got the record, and it's going to be a long time before anybody threatens to break it.