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Put the Chelsea FC Women's team on a desert island, and Millie Bright would be the last one standing. The star defender connects with Carly Telford and Erin Cuthbert to give their top player picks across sports and entertainment.

As the official shirt sponsor of Premier League giants Chelsea, Three is working tirelessly to help Blues fans connect with their favourite stars like never before.

From tell-all interviews to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, Chelsea supporters have seen a different side of some of the biggest names of both the men's and women's first teams, with Three eager to revolutionise the way in which shirt sponsors interact with fans.

As part of the mission to help supporters connect with their team, Chelsea stars Erin Cuthbert, Millie Bright & Carly Telford sat down to reveal what life is really like in the Blues' dressing room - from pre-match DJs to pranksters on the team bus, and everything in between.

While a lot of the questions require some thought, the first - which player should you avoid in a 50/50? - is answered instantly by Cuthbert and Telford, who point directly at Bright while the defender nods in acceptance.

"150% avoid at all costs," Telford says pointing at Bright, with Cuthbert adding that you won't find anyone in the dressing room who would disagree with that claim.

"I just a defender, if you don't say you love them challenges, then you're not a defender!" Bright insists.

Bright's hard-hitting style of play also earns her a nod when the trio are asked to name the player most likely to survive on a desert island, with the England international tipped to take a bite straight out of a tree if needed. She adds: "Get me on Bear Grylls, let's go!"

Bright never shirks a tackle
Bright never shirks a tackle / Alex Davidson/Getty Images

While there's a lot of fun to be had in the dressing room and on the team bus, the team WhatsApp group ends up being strictly business.

"I'm not putting something in the players' group chat because it's embarrassing, because nobody replies to you," Cuthbert reveals. "You click on the info bit and it's 'Read by', 'Read by', 'Read by', and you're like 'alright, cheers guys'."

"Didn't want anyone to come to my birthday party anyway!" Telford adds to sum up the vibes.

It might be quiet in the group chat, but there's no lack of team spirit in Emma Hayes' side, who are in pursuit of their fourth Women's Super League title since 2015.