Clinton Morrison opens up on 'annoying' Roy Keane on international duty

Matt O'Connor-Simpson
#OnTheJudy - 'I was in a dark place until Sky gave me an opportunity' - Clinton Morrison S2 E3
#OnTheJudy - 'I was in a dark place until Sky gave me an opportunity' - Clinton Morrison S2 E3 / Total Media

Clinton Morrison has opened up about playing with Roy Keane at international level, admitting that he used to "annoy" the Man Utd legend during their time together.

Although he was born in south London, Morrison - who enjoyed spells with Crystal Palace, Birmingham City and Coventry City during his playing days, before carving out a successful media career - was eligible for the Republic of Ireland through his grandmother.

After making several appearances for the Under-21s he was called up to the senior team in 2001 and went on to feature at the 2002 World Cup, earning 36 caps in total before being dropped from the squad in 2006.

During the early part of his Republic of Ireland stint, Morrison featured alongside Keane and speaking to the On the Judy podcast, he revealed what the legendary figure was like on the training ground.

"A lot of people were intimidated by Roy Keane. Roy's a winner, what he's won at Man Utd and in that era him and Patrick Vieira were the two best midfielders in the Premier League for me," he said.

"When he came to Ireland on my first day he had these shorts on tight, his socks were rolled up and back then everyone still had the bright boots, but he's got the black Diadoras.

"When training starts he's on a different level. He trains how he plays. He used to hit tackles, fire the ball in from five or ten yards and I'm saying: 'come on Roy man!' and he's saying 'you're here now, you've got to deal with it.'"

Off the field, Morrison insisted that he and Keane got on well - most of the time anyway.

"Around dinner and stuff I'm thinking there's a seat there, no one's sitting next to Roy. So you know me, Clinton being Clinton, I just say: 'yo, let's talk about football'," he said.

"Sometimes I'd annoy him and I know I'd annoy him but that's the way I am. I'm picking his brain because I want to be like him.

"Before his main dinner he would have a fruit bowl with some yoghurt and that's what he'd eat. So I'm thinking Roy Keane, he's won Premier Leagues, Champions Leagues, I'm going to start doing that.

"It didn't work, I didn't play for Man Utd but it was worth it just to say I was copying Roy! He was brilliant, I speak to him now. He praises me in the media, says he loves listening to me."

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