Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel responds to video of him criticising Timo Werner

Ali Rampling
Tuchel says he is unconcerned about players taking criticism personally
Tuchel says he is unconcerned about players taking criticism personally / OLI SCARFF/Getty Images

Thomas Tuchel says he is not concerned about players taking his direct approach on the touchline personally, and revealed his behaviour has actually softened over the past decade.

The Chelsea boss has not been afraid to show his cut throat side during the early stages of his Chelsea tenure, bringing Callum Hudson-Odoi on and then off again during February's draw with Southampton.

Tuchel was also heard dishing out blunt criticism towards Timo Werner regarding the forward's positioning during the Blues' recent victory over Everton.

Thomas Tuchel, Timo Werner
Tuchel lambasted Werner on the touchline / Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

“It was very direct and in the moment where there are no spectators, it can happen that things like this are out there,” the Chelsea boss said of the video displaying him shouting at Werner (via the Guardian).

“We reminded Timo to join back to his position on the right side because he was a bit too long on the left side.

“There was no insult, it was not aggressive. If it’s respectful, if we’re not insulting each other, no problems being direct to me – also the players. Sometimes the coach is in the game mode and things are direct. Sometimes things are not pronounced in the most friendly way. I agree, but I’m also in game mode, the players are in game mode. I have the feeling that nobody takes things too personal.

Thomas Tuchel
Tuchel says he has mellowed over the past 10 years / Alex Livesey - Danehouse/Getty Images

"You should have seen me 10 years ago, it was double and triple. I was totally sucked into the match. I was sweating all over, I was attacking the fourth official all the time. I was attacking the referees, everybody on the bench. Nobody was safe. I calmed down a lot, which is also necessary because it is not always the best way to express all your feelings.

“I want to push the players to their maximum. Sometimes you will see me acting hysterically, sometimes you will see me sitting and reflecting and discussing with my assistants. I am an emotional guy."