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Casemiro hints at Brazil squad's opinion on boycotting Copa America

Ross Jackson
Casemiro is against his country hosting the Copa America
Casemiro is against his country hosting the Copa America / Allsport Co./Getty Images

Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro has hinted both the Brazil squad and coaching staff support the planned boycott of the Copa America.

Argentina had originally been selected as the host country for this summer's tournament, though a surge in coronavirus cases saw them stripped of the honour.

Given the problems the whole of South America are experiencing with the virus, it was anticipated that CONMEBOL would postpone the competition. However, they instead announced it would be moved to Brazil.

The decision sparked outrage with Brazil themselves struggling to contain the disease having reported almost half a million deaths so far, with reports emerging that the Selecao squad would boycott the tournament due to fears over the rising number of cases in their country.

Tite's [Adenor Bacchi] side faced Ecuador on Saturday in their World Cup qualifier, recording a comfortable 2-0 win thanks to goals from Richarlison and Neymar.

After the game, Real midfielder Casemiro was asked of his opinion on the planned boycott and despite not giving a black and white answer, it was quite clear he and his teammates fully support the idea.

Casemiro is clearly unhappy at the decision
Casemiro is clearly unhappy at the decision / Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

"Everyone knows our position in the Copa America in Brazil," he told reporters (as reported by Goal). "It could not be clearer. We want to express our opinion more after the game against Paraguay. It's not just me, not just the players who play in Europe. It's everyone, including Tite [Adenor Bacchi]. All together."

Brazil's clash with Paraguay is scheduled for next Wednesday, meaning we won't have to wait long to hear the Selecao squad and coaching staff's true feelings on the decision.

Should they refuse to take part in the event, it remains to be seen whether CONMEBOL will agree to move the competition elsewhere or whether they'll push ahead regardless without the participation of the most famous national team in South America.