Carlo Ancelotti launches passionate defence of Vinicius Junior

  • Ancelotti demands more support for Vinicius from fans and officials
  • Brazil winger a regular target of abuse from supporters
  • Leipzig defenders accused Vinicius of disrespect after Champions League clash
Ancelotti shows his support to Vinicius
Ancelotti shows his support to Vinicius / Denis Doyle/GettyImages

Carlo Ancelotti has urged fans and referees to "change their attitudes" towards Vinicius Junior in a passionate defence of the Real Madrid star.

Vinicius' time in Spain has been littered with accusations of abuse from supporters and a lack of protection from on-field officials, while the 23-year-old was also hit with accusations of "disrespect" after a clash with RB Leipzig's Willi Orban in midweek.

A few minutes before scoring, Vinicius had an altercation with Orban in which he appeared to push the Leipzig defender by the throat. Only a yellow card was dished out.

Ancelotti was asked about Vinicius' attitude during his latest press conference but used the opportunity to launch an emotional defence of the 23-year-old.

Vinicius Junior, Willi Orban
Vinicius clashed with Orban / Angel Martinez/GettyImages

"I have looked back in history a little and at the statistics, and I have never seen a footballer as persecuted as Vinicius," Ancelotti said. "They say and do all sorts of things to him, what does he have to do?

"They kick him, they insult him, they whistle at him...he scores goals and gives assists. And then I'm supposed to talk to him about his attitude? No!

"I think everyone has to change their attitudes towards Vini. It has never happened that a player of such talent is suffering so much.

"In Vallecas, they gave him a karate blow to the head and there was no yellow card, and now they are asking for a red card because of a push against Leipzig?"

Ancelotti also took the opportunity to defend another Brazilian, fellow forward Rodrygo, amid suggestions he could be sold this summer if Madrid sign Kylian Mbappe on a free transfer from Paris Saint-Germain.

"His story here is a success story, he has allowed us to win the Champions League, he has always contributed," Ancelotti said. "This year he has not had continuity in scoring, but he has in performance. When we need a goal, Rodrygo will be there."