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Carles Gil slams snowy conditions against Real Salt Lake

Lizzy Becherano
New England Revolution's Carles Gil admits football cannot be played in snowy conditions.
New England Revolution's Carles Gil admits football cannot be played in snowy conditions. / Andrew Katsampes/ISI Photos/GettyImages

The New England Revolution lost 3-2 to Real Salt Lake at Gillette Stadium as extreme weather dominated the game. 

While the snowfall was present during kickoff, it wasn’t until halftime that the conditions overcame the pitch entirely. By the 20 minute mark, grass could no longer be seen as inches of snow captured each player’s footprints. 

The game also required orange balls for visibility and proactive turf clearance to prevent snow buildup.

Despite the challenges, Real Salt Lake was able to come back from a 2-0 deficit, scoring three goals in 20 minutes. 

After the match, emotions ran high. NE Revolution captain and 2021 MVP winner Carles Gil slammed the conditions, and insisted the game should have been postponed.  

“It's impossible to play football today,” said Gil. “I cannot talk with my teammates, I cannot run, I cannot do anything. It's impossible, this is not football. Stop the f---ing game. We play tomorrow or any other day, I don't care. This is not football, it's impossible. Try to make long balls, the wind, it's impossible. I don't understand nothing.”

Gil clarified, however, that the result had nothing to do with his anger. 

“If we finish the game 2-0, I say here the same. It's not football, it's impossible to play like this. Congratulations for Real Salt Lake because they are amazing playing, you know. But I don't understand why we play today like we play. We lose one game because we lose a game, for us, for them, for the soccer, for the fans, for everything.”

Defender A.J DeLaGarza echoed his teammate’s sentiments. 

“The worst conditions I’ve ever played in, in my entire life – the wind, the snow, the ice.” 

But Revolution head coach Bruce Arena quickly shut down his players’ statements, and instead chose to use the loss as a learning opportunity for his team. 

“Games have been played in the snow, so I can’t argue that. What do you take away from it? Probably you have to have better concentration at the end of the game and certainly on a day like today, there’s going to be mistakes made in the penalty area,” Arena said. 

“And for us to have a combination of mistakes like that at the end of the game is inexcusable, but it certainly wasn’t a soccer game today. But, you know, both teams played under the same conditions, so give them credit.”