Brennan Johnson: Wales players 'crowd surfed in Cardiff club' following World Cup qualification

Wales are back on the World Cup stage
Wales are back on the World Cup stage / Athena Pictures/GettyImages

Wales forward Brennan Johnson has discussed how he and his teammates celebrated qualification to the 2022 World Cup.

The Dragons needed to beat Ukraine in a play-off back in June to seal their path to Qatar, prevailing 1-0 in an end-to-end encounter at the Cardiff City Stadium.

That result meant that Wales will head to their first World Cup since 1958, and speaking to The Players' Tribune, Johnson opened up on how the team enjoyed themselves that evening.

"When we won, there were tears in the stands. There were tears on the pitch. Once I saw the emotion in the faces of the fans, it really hit me," he said.

"It’s crazy to think how you can make someone feel by playing football. Gareth [Bale] actually has a bar in Cardiff, and after the match we went back to the hotel with the families and then went to his bar. And then most of the lads went out after that as well. It was a really late one.

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"But the energy in the streets and the pubs was incredible. Some of the lads ended up half crowd surfing across the fans in the club, which was so funny at the time. It felt like we all were one."

Wales will begin their group stage campaign on Monday evening against the United States before taking on Iran and then rivals England.

You can read Johnson's full piece at The Players' Tribune