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The best European Championship hairstyles of all time - ranked

Ross Jackson
Jun 9, 2021, 12:00 PM GMT+1
Will Ivan Perisic's patriotic 2016 barnet take top spot?
Will Ivan Perisic's patriotic 2016 barnet take top spot? / VI-Images/Getty Images

You can deny it all you like, we've all walked into a hairdresser's at one point in our lives holding a picture of a footballer before asking for their haircut.

That Antoine Sibierski period was a tough time.

Ten times out of ten we walk away looking nothing like said footballer - but at least it's nice to know we tried.

While major international tournaments offer players the chance to showcase their footballing ability on the world stage, they're also a bit of a catwalk, with individuals doing their best peacocking and showing off their new haircuts.

Ahead of Euro 2020, we've taken a look back at some of the best hairstyles to have graced the European Championships, with points scored for style, swagger and even the occasional nod to the downright ridiculous.

10. Andrea Pirlo - Euro 2012

Andrea Pirlo at Euro 2012
Andrea Pirlo at Euro 2012 / Boris Streubel/Getty Images

Alright, so some of these hairstyles aren't exactly new, but we can't ignore some of the coolers footballers on the planet.

Of course, we'll get to the ridiculous entries shortly, but for now let's just take time to appreciate one of the most sophisticated gents to ever grace the game.

Andrea Pirlo's flowing locks show no signs of waning even at the grand old age of 41, though back in 2012 his barnet was at its peak.

Such body, such volume, such flair - the man must get through about five bottles of Tresemme a week. Anyway, love-in aside he just looks really bloody cool.

9. Mario Gomez - Euro 2012

Mario Gomez at Euro 2012
Mario Gomez at Euro 2012 / Boris Streubel/Getty Images

You can imagine the German national team being forced to adhere to a strict policy of all getting a short back and sides at 11am every Monday morning, but Mario Gomez liked to do things a little bit differently.

Inspired by Grease's very own John Travolta, the frontman managed to make a blowdry and two tubs of Brylcreem somehow look good.

Please don't take a picture of him into your hairdresser's though, it's only going to end ridiculously.

Honourable mentioned to countryman Emre Can at Euro 2016, just because he's got one of the most glorious heads of hair we've ever seen.

8. Francesco Totti - Euro 2020

Francesco Totti at Euro 2000
Francesco Totti at Euro 2000 / Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Again, no points scored on the 'ridiculous scale', just top marks for swagger.

You can't have a list of players to have appeared at European Championships without mentioning at least one player from Italy's Euro 2000 squad.

Dino Zoff's men made it all the way to the final of tournament before being denied by France in extra-time, though the legacy the team left - their kit in particular - will never be forgotten.

Francesco Totti was at the forefront of their campaign and not only did he play well, he also looked absolutely class. The headband coupled with those bouncing, flowing locks somehow made his stellar displays look even better.

7. Marek Hamsik - Euro 2016

What was Marek Hamsik thinking?
What was Marek Hamsik thinking? / Chris Brunskill Ltd/Getty Images

Right then, this is a bit more like it.

Let's face it, you didn't come here for fashion tips or shampoo-based jokes that frankly aren't funny, you came for outrageous haircuts.

Marek Hamsik's Euro 2016 effort definitely ticks that box, but in fairness to him he actually doesn't look that bad. The Slovakian midfielder has never been a shrinking violet when it comes to hairstyles, but this is definitely his boldest style of them all.

6. Edgar Davids - Euro 2000

Edgar Davids playing for the Netherlands at Euro 2000
Edgar Davids playing for the Netherlands at Euro 2000 / Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Too iconic to disregard.

Edgar Davids was selected for three Dutch European Championship squads, though Euro 2000 was undoubtedly the pick of his appearances at the competitions - his Euro 96 debacle is worth a read if you're not aware of it.

The Juventus man was picked in the Team of the Tournament for Euro 2000, starring in the midfield alongside Zinedine Zidane, Patrick Vieira and Luis Figo - not bad company to keep.

Not only did he play brilliantly, he looked cool as f*** while doing so, with his iconic dreadlocks and orange tinted goggles making his displays even more memorable.

5. Ivan Perisic - Euro 2016

Ivan Perisic at Euro 2016
Ivan Perisic at Euro 2016 / VI-Images/Getty Images

A lot of the hairstyles up until this point have been quality, if not designed specifically with a European Championship appearance in mind; Ivan Perisic's love of his country definitely spawned this effort - we hope.

Few shirt patterns in international football are as instantly recognisable as Croatia's red and white checkerboard design, and the midfielder's decision to have said design shaved into the side and back of his head at Euro 2016 is truly inspired.

Nothing screams patriotism like a red and white haircut, ey? He's one step away from a kid at Wembley covered in facepaint, but who cares, we love him for it.

4. Paul Pogba - Euro 2016

Pogba had the France badge shaved into his head at Euro 2016
Pogba had the France badge shaved into his head at Euro 2016 / Catherine Ivill - AMA/Getty Images

Euro 2016 was a great tournament for niche haircuts, and Paul Pogba even went one step further than Perisic.

The Frenchman is no stranger to outlandish haircuts, though his effort at France's home tournament is the best yet.

He had the rooster from France's national team badge shaved into the side of his head, a design we loved so much we attempted to replicate by asking our hairdresser to shave a cock into the side of ours.

Needless to say the Antoine Sibierski haircut made a swift appearance afterwards.

3. Abel Xavier - Euro 2000

Abel Xavier at Euro 2000
Abel Xavier at Euro 2000 / Ben Radford/Getty Images

When you're a player as talented as Pogba you can get away with having a mad haircut, so wasn't it brilliant to see a player like Abel Xavier shooting for the stars?

What made it even better was the fact the former Liverpool man just had pretty standard haircuts throughout the 90s - the odd mullet here or there but nothing too out there...then he just went mad.

His peroxide blonde hairdo at Euro 2000 will never be forgotten, while the matching blonde beard sets off the gold trim in the Portugal shirt beautifully. Players colour coordinating their beard with their kit doesn't happen enough these days.

2. Ruud Gullit - Euro 88

What a style icon Ruud Gullit was
What a style icon Ruud Gullit was / Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images

Similar to Totti, maybe we look at pictures of Ruud Gullit from the 1988 European Championships and get swayed by the iconic Netherlands kit, but the whole ensemble is just perfect.

If you're going to wear a psychedelic shirt to an international tournament, what better hairdo to accompany it than this.

Is it the moustache we love so much? Is it the kit? Is it the memories of Gullit as a player? Is it the fact he must be visually impaired like a Border Collie who's been three years without a trim yet was still a world-class footballer? We don't know, but the whole thing just works.

1. Fernando Torres - Euro 2012

Fernando Torres lifts the 2008 trophy
Fernando Torres lifts the 2008 trophy / Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

In at number one is El Niño.

You'd be lying if you said you'd never tried to imitate Fernando Torres' luscious, blonde, flowing locks. You'd also be lying if you said you didn't end up looking like your mum.

The Spaniard's partnership with David Villa lit up Euro 2008, with Torres notching the only goal of the game as Spain triumphed over Germany in the final to win only their second ever European Championship.

Torres' signature look of long, blonde, highlighted hair, white socks over his kit socks and Nike Total 90 boots will never be forgotten and that's why he makes it in at our number one spot.