Best Copa America 2024 kits - ranked

  • The Copa America 2024 features 16 teams, each with a different Home kit
  • Argentina's jersey contains a gold FIFA World Cup 2022 Champions patch
  • The two favorites to win the Copa America 2024 have the best kits
Check out the five best Copa America 2024 kits.
Check out the five best Copa America 2024 kits. / Ira L. Black/GettyImages

The best Copa America 2024 kits showcase unique, fresh designs for iconic jerseys that continue to evolve each year.

For the first time since 2016, the Copa America 2024 features 16 teams—10 from CONMEBOL and 6 from CONCACAF. The extra participating nations guarantee more matches, action, and storylines throughout the tournament. Plus, each side gets to show off their skill on a global stage, all while wearing kits that represent their country.

Ranking the best of the 16 home kits might be a matter of opinion, but there are five jerseys that undoubtedly stand out among all the rest.

Best Copa America 2024 kits - ranked

Check out the best kits at the Copa America.

5. Uruguay

Guillermo Varela
Uruguay 2024 Home Kit / Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/GettyImages

Uruguay's 2024 Copa America kit is simple in the best way. The blue of the Uruguayan flag is on full display and contrasts nicely with the dark shorts. Although the kit is not as overtly creative or symbolic as the others on our list, it is still one of the best and most recognizable options in the upcoming Copa America.

4. USA

Mexico v United States: Final - Concacaf Nations League
United States 2024 Home Kit / Click Thompson/GettyImages

It is no secret the USA have had some underwhelming kits throughout the years, including the paint splatter jersey that looks more like scattered polka dots. However, the USA'S 2024 Home kit is a surefire upgrade, with a pristine white jersey that compliments the blue shorts.

The subtle red, white, and blue stripes on the shirt sleeves and collar also allow the crest to stand out without much distraction.

3. Colombia

Daniel Munoz
Colombia 2024 Home Kit / Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/GettyImages

Colombia's Copa America 2024 kit brings an eye-catching, symbolic look to the once minimalistic design. The sides of the yellow jersey now feature fiery phoenix wings that match the orange detailing across the shoulders and along the shorts.

The colors are distinctive, vibrant, and breathe new life into an iconic jersey.

2. Argentina

Angel Di Maria
Argentina 2024 Home Kit / Ira L. Black/GettyImages

The Argentinian blue and white stripes are as clean and classic as any soccer kit in history. Even as the jersey's design slightly changes each year, it still always stays true to the historic look that superstars of the past and present have worn throughout the years.

Argentina's Copa America 2024 kit even features a FIFA gold patch in the center of the jersey that honors Argentina's 2022 World Cup victory.

1. Brazil

Rodrygo, Lucas Beraldo
Brazil 2024 Home Kit / Denis Doyle/GettyImages

Brazil's Copa America 2024 kit outshines the other 15 options featured in the tournament. Not only does the jersey showcase the yellow and green of the Brazilian flag, but it also includes faint, white etchings across the front and back of the shirt that highlight Brazilian music, architecture, beaches, and more.

The kit combines the nostalgic design with a personalized touch that celebrates Brazilian culture and nature. Plus, the kit is made with 100% recycled polyester fibers.