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Bernardo Silva speaks out on Cristiano Ronaldo interview

Finley Crebolder
Most of the talk surrounding Portugal has been about Ronaldo's interview
Most of the talk surrounding Portugal has been about Ronaldo's interview / Gualter Fatia/GettyImages

Bernardo Silva insists that the controversial comments Cristiano Ronaldo made in his recent interview with Piers Morgan won't affect the Portugal camp at the World Cup.

Speaking on Talk TV just before the start of the World Cup, Ronaldo was hugely critical of Manchester United as a whole, as well as Erik ten Hag and young players specifically.

With two of his Portugal team-mates, Diogo Dalot and Bruno Fernandes, also playing for Man Utd, talk quickly turned to how such comments would affect the mood in the Portugal camp in Qatar.

Such talk only increased when footage showed Ronaldo and Fernandes seemingly sharing a somewhat unfriendly handshake after joining up with the squad.

However, Bernardo Silva says the atmosphere is good and that Ronaldo's interview doesn't concern him.

“Top, top, top," the Manchester City player said when asked about the mood.

"The news that comes from England has nothing to do with the national team so I won’t say anything. It doesn’t concern me, it concerns Cristiano. I don’t have to comment. It’s a matter for Cristiano.

"I’m not a Manchester United player and even if I was I would not answer that because we’re in the national team so I’m not going to talk about it.”

He also states that there don't seem to be any issues between Ronaldo and Fernandes.

“I don’t see any strange atmosphere in our national team between Cristiano or Bruno,” he added.

“Once again I say that it’s his issue, I don’t even play for this club. An issue that has to be resolved with the right person. It’s a situation with the club.

"I see him motivated and focused on the national team like all of us. It’s one more thing to help our country, it’s an individual matter."