Barcelona 'Demanding' Neymar Repay €10.2m Due to 'Miscalculated' Taxes

Nov 11, 2020, 12:15 PM GMT
Andreas Ekberg, Neymar
Barcelona are demanding Neymar pays them back after they miscalculated | Pool/Getty Images

Barcelona are said to be suing former forward Neymar as they are 'demanding' he pay the club €10.2m, after the Catalan giants realised they miscalculated taxes and overpaid him.

Neymar swapped Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain back in the summer of 2017, with the Ligue 1 giants paying a stunning £200m for his services. But he had been locked in a legal battle with his former club as he was demanding they made up for unpaid wages.

This didn't work, however, instead the court ruled in Barcelona's favour, meaning the Brazil international must pay his former employers €6.7m.

El Mundo report that La Blaugrana are now filing another lawsuit as they are demanding Neymar pays the club €10.2m. This has arisen after the club concluded their tax inspection of the 2015 financial year, with records showing that they overpaid the 28-year-old by this amount in what was a miscalculation on their part.

With Barça failing to do the maths properly, they have parted ways with millions of euros which would have been extremely beneficial to them, especially at such a trying time financially for the club. But they are now demanding that Neymar pays back this money to make up for this.

As a result, they have filed a lawsuit for overpayment, but if the situation is not resolved, this sum may well be proclaimed as ‘unfair enrichment‘. This means that if Neymar doesn't pay back this money, it would be deemed illegal as one party is benefiting unfairly at another's expense.

Neymar is locked in another battle with his former club | FRANCK FIFE/Getty Images

It is very much worth noting that the PSG star actually owes more money to the Treasury in Spain than anyone else. Indeed, he owes around €34.6m.

This news comes as reports have emerged that Neymar is seemingly finally ready to close the door on his past and commit his future to PSG. ESPN report that Les Parisiens have opened talks with the player regarding a new deal, with his current contract due to expire in 2022.

Neymar is happy to stay on a similar salary and sign a five-year deal. However, prior to doing so, he is seeking assurances from sporting director Leonardo about the club's plan moving forward.